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PC3 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Grant600RR, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. doing the rounds for a PC3.

    got these prices already

    if you know of somewhere to purchace and get custom mapped.... let me know

    1) GP/RB Racing - PC111 are $550 & installation/mapping usually takes around 2+ hours & the
    overall charge (ie purchase-installation/mapping) is around the $750/$800

    2)Sydney Dyno - basic package deal of supply Power Commander lllusb, install and make a custom fuel map for your bike cost $1165.

    obviously GP/RB racing has the best price atm. anyone had any experience with them
  2. Cheapest I've seen "within" Australia for a PC3USB is $460 from http://www.superbikesupply.com.au, not including install of course. They are very easy to install yourself, even with basic mechanical skills. A custom map is usually around the $250 mark, so the GP/RB quote sounds reasonable.

    I don't have any experience with either of those dealers, but a fair bit with the PC3USB on my R1. It makes the bike much crisper in the low to mid range, especially once you have a full system installed. It even starts better. If you have any sort of engine modifications, you really need something like this to get the full advantage due to most modern injection systems being pretty much closed. No more rejetting like the old days, just plug in the laptop :grin:
  3. I've been dealing with a company from the USA through EBAY and they have the PCIII for $325us delivered to Australia which with the dollar so strong at the moment works out to $361.10 Aussie. I have bought a lot of stuff from these guys and they are honnest and very very fast. I have attached a link below to an auction worth a look!


  4. Bloody hell.. Ya havent done much research bud because you
    getting ripped big time. giggle.

    I got a few shops you can purchase from at probably $200
    Advise Year Make & Model for more info.. or.. google.

    or as 61XER said, check eBay.
  5. Im still doing my research!!! I got a 2004 CBR600RR. 200 buck you say... and where would that be from?

    I have checked out ebay (i dont buy from there, just a personal policy) and i have googled.... got a few places yet to get back 2 me
  6. I think you need to read his post a bit better....He said you need to look better becasue there are places selling them for $200 less then the prices you listed. Shame you don't shop on EBAY your really missing out on a bargin! I've been dealing with EBAY for 5 years and never once have i been ripped off. Use only paypal and you have insurance up to $2000.
  7. I deal with these guys. http://www.xdcycle.com/

    Your PCIII is around the $AU300 mark

    Installation: 15-20mins
    Comes pre-mapped & you can d/load additional maps no charge.

    Info on ya bike: http://www.peterverdonedesigns.com/600RRcommander.htm



    Maps: http://cbrworld.net/files/45/powercommander_maps_600rr/default.aspx

    http://www.gdlcycles.com/asp1/findmemodelpages.asp?qsmake=CBR 600 RR&qspart=Power Commander


    I have 160+ international stores & 100 odd Australian links so it takes awhile for
    me to go thru them all.

    You may not like ebay but what I have found from asking sellers is that
    some of them have a seperate store seperate to eBay which sells a wider
    variety of items.. totally seperate to their ebay store eg.

    I asked an ebayer if he was able to refer me. He said try my other shop
    & gave me this link: http://www.jdacustom.com/store/home.php

    His ebay store is tiny in comparison, & items that were on his ebay were
    not much cheaper than his main shop prices.

    The stock sold on ebay is identical to whats sold in the shop.

    Theres plenty out there bud. You just have to look & ask. On the other hand
    you can walk into a bike shop & get it fitted straight away if you are
    impatient, but its gonna cost you $100's more for the privalege/convenience.

    Up to you mate.
  8. yeah got another quote today .... 600 fitted and mapped
  9. Where was that?

    I got mine from Ebay too, and now about a year later it's been exhibiting some intermittent problems :( I'm not sure about the warranty situation yet, whether I have to send it back to the U.S. dealer I got it from, or if a local guy will accept a warranty return. I just flashed the firmware and cleaned the connections and it seems to be working again, so fingers crossed.