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PC keeps turning self off

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Charmed, May 20, 2009.

  1. During son3 morning ritual, he turns on pc, boots up fine, logs into his account fine. Gets up to grab breakfast, goes back pc is off.

    Turn power off @ wall, then back on, boots up, goes to log in , pc turns off.

    Again power off @ wall, back on, this process repeated several times, either you get to log into account or not.

    Stuff it, I will just reformat, and it needed to doing anyway.
    Reformat goes well, uninstall all the preloaded crap that was installed , dload & install, Avast Free Home, MSN, Yahoo Messenger & Firefox. Going out so turn off & continue later.

    Get home & have to go through the above of turning off & back on at wall again. Unplug, take off panels, clean, check everything tight. Yep all ok.

    Plug back in on & off a couple more times & finally able to log in.
    Currently dloading & updating Windows.

    XP Home ver 2002
    (currently dloading & updating to Service Pack 3)

    Aspire SA85 XPS MHD 12504 Intel
    Celeron CPU 3.06 GHz
    3.07 GHz, 224 MB of ram

    So if any of the PC Nerds / Gurus have any idea what the problem could be, throw your thoughts this way.

    Top of my list is either power supply or motherboard.

    Sooner I can get on top of this the better, dont like sharing my laptop :p
  2. power failure points most obviously to failure of the power supply. I'd replace it, take the old one to the shop with you to make sure the new one has the right cables, screw placements, etc. You can get a 400W supply for as little as $29.
  3. Yeah that's on top of my list of problems could be.
    So the next question would be, whats with the power supply coming into the house? Last pc we went through 3 power boxes.
  4. I'd be getting a sparky to check out the house wiring with THAT sort of failure record. For the moment, get the PS replaced in the PC and get a good quailty surge arrestor in circuit with it...
  5. Yeah sounds like PSU if it's just turning off and not freezing first.

  6. Shouldn't be your power supply it would be more a case of just cheap chinese made shite they pass off as power supplies.
    If you really are concerned there are uninterrupted power supplies you can buy for peace of mind.
  7. I just bought an IBM Box

    Intel P4 2.4GHZ
    512MB Ram
    With XP Pro & C.O.A attached to the outer case of the box
    A power cable

    All for $55.00

    Yeah, it's an ex corporate but it came with an XP Pro licence and was pre-installed.

    I needed it to print the membership cards and all of my other machines are Ubuntu and this one is a Mac :)

    The membership card printer will not run under a mac, nor could I get it running under parallels or virtual box.

    For $55 it was a no brainer.

    Perhaps this is an avenue for you to upgrade instead of shelling out $40-$50 for a power supply.
  8. also check the cooling fans.
    open up the computer and make sure they all work.

    Usually a comp will shut itself off if it gets too hot
  9. Fans are the first thing I check, and going round.
    Did the check fluff, dust, cables, etc thing
    Leaving panels off for now

    BTW , its still up & running since reboot from update. Morning will be interesting.

    Oh yeah power surge protector in use.
  10. I would have also jumped in the the powersupply...

    The m/b also may be, but if its the cause you'll notice brown puss stuff coming out from the top of the capacitors (little round towers that stick up on the board) as those will usually be the power related bits. (Yes, they can be replaced, I've done it many times, but not worth paying someone to do it for you, easier to get a new board).

    I agree with smee, invest in a UPS especially if you're replacing the power supplies that often, not only does it have a battery backup for if the power drops out, but it also acts as a power conditioner (much like your hair conditioner it will keep the pH level in check) and smooth out any surges or dips in power... a surge protector may not trip if your power gets to 260volts but the UPS will condition the power to under 250v again...
    You can get smart or dumb ones, just depends on how much you're willing to spend... the smart ones are better and will also give you a graphical display on your pc of whats going on, whats happened previously, monthly reporting etc.

    Having to power it on several times also suggests a problem already there (in the pc or the wall its hard to tell) but once again if you can afford it, buy a better branded psu, Antec are my preference, they'll run about $100-$150 depending on model. And they're better efficiency, if you're a greenie too ;)
  11. I've also had similar with an overheating CPU - many mobos have an auto shutdown if things get too hot. You'd usually get some kind of error message though. If you have the option of monitoring temperature it might be worth a check. Arctic Silver is even cheaper than a new PSU - and a fried processor is much more expensive!
  12. I would almost agree, except the pattern shows itself only when starting up in the morning (are you sure its not a carbie model there Charmed? :LOL: ), and once logged in, seems to work fine, if it was the reverse then I would agree to check this too. :)
  13. I've had the same thing happen to my computer before, it turned out to be an over heating power supply unit, it eventually caught fire (that's how I found it ;-) lol).

    $60 from a computer shop and 15 min to fit it myself, easy!
  14. I'm with Booga. If you buy a new power supply, get a good brand at ~$150, as it will survive poor 240V power quality much better. I also use Antec, but there are several good quality brands.

    If the last PC used $29 or $40 power supplies, I'm not surprised that they all failed.
  15. Yeah, I'd actually had this problem on the PC I'm currently using (its also an Antec BTW) but it would shutdown at completely random intervals, and would NOT startup straight away again tho, i had to wait for 10 mins for it to cool down, which I found out by touching the PSU at some point and it was scolding hot.
    I found out the fan wasn't spinning properly (it was thermally controlled) and so i wired it directly to the 5volt rail and its all hunky-dory now :grin:

    I spose it didn't catch on fire cos it was an Antec, if thats one way to up-sell the brand ;) :LOL:

    Better brands = higher cost = better tolerances.

    But Rod's right too, there are other good brands out there, I just don't use them, so I can't recommend them.
  16. Update guys ...

    Pete turned it on this morn when he got up.
    Got into his account & turned off.

    Power off at wall, waited a few, power back on @ wall, booted up
    Logged into account, & off again. Turned off & pulled out of wall.

    I plug back in turn on about 20 mins later, booted up, logged in & left it running for a couple of hrs, turned off for an hr or so, back on. Wouldn't have known there was a problem. I turned it off before heading out the door.

    Finally got my butt down the street, could have knocked me down with a feather .
    1st time I've gone into our so called pc shop & ACTUALLY had something in stock.
    Took what he had cost me $65 for a Rock 500W . If I wanted better had to wait for him to order it or try my luck in Albury or Shep.

    New PSU in, did the pull out & blow thing while in there lol

    Common tell tale sign of the PSU going, is random 'offs', especially after being on for a few hrs. Weird that it only did it of a morning or after being off for a few hrs.

    Fingers crossed that's all the problem was. If not its back for next suggestions on everyone's list.

    LOL @ booga, yeah didnt have the choke on long enough :LOL:
  17. Umm, there is new information in that last post. I hope it isn't an indicator of the real cause, especially since you have reformated already . . .

    Did the problem only ever occur when using Pete's signon?

    If so, did he reinstall something just to his account after the reformat? I have seen some dodgy software, long ago, that used to tell the power supply to turn off without warning. But that was in the early days of Windows being able to turn off the computer, when there were still some compatibility issues.

    Hopefully it was the power supply, and the new one lasts long enough to justify its existence. It seems to be a common power supply in price grab sites, but doesn't appear on the manufacturer's site any more, so it is probably an older unit, or the manufacturer sucks at maintaining its site. Anyware is the importer.
  18. Did it no matter who signed on.

    No problems since the new PSU went in (touch wood)
    Been a few days & now their starting to nag me to put programs back.
    I will, too busy playin with iPhone right now :LOL:

    Went looking for the manufacturer's site. :) Either of the two wouldn't surprise me. As I said previous, could have knocked me down with a feather that store actaully had some in stock. :)