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PC help - no sound?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. I was just watching a video on youtube when suddenly all sound on the PC stopped.
    It's not the speakers - I plugged in 3 different types of speakers & still no sound.

    any clues what to check?
  2. Clean the gunk out of the mouse
  3. Wiggle the power cord
  4. What OS are you running?
    If it's Windows, double-click the speaker icon in (usually) the bottom-right corner (away from the Start button). This should bring up the master volume control panel. Click, Options, then Properties. Tick all the checkboxes, then click OK. Make sure nothing is muted and that all the volume sliders are at least halfway up.

    If that doesn't fix the problem open the Control Panel, double-click System, then click the Hardware tab. Click Device Manager, then click the + box next to Sound Video and Game Controllers. Look for anything with an exclamation mark (!) in a yellow circle. You'll probably need to reinstall the driver for that device.
  5. el damo - thanks, have done all that & still no sound
    am about to try downloading new drivers
    am using windows XP
  6. This has happened a few times on the home PC running XP

    I went to Device Manager and removed the drivers and rebooted and the system found the drivers again and all worked OK

    Good luck with it all
  7. If you're running the nearly ubiquitous AC'97 sound system, you shouldn't need to download drivers; XP should pick it up automatically..... I think it's far more likely that you've accidentally muted the sound somewhere betweeen YouTube and your computer....
  8. will give that a try, thanks

    Paul - it's not even recording sound, so I don't know if it's muted...but will check other places.
  9. In that case it's very possible that the on-board sound module of your motherboard has gone to God. If you have a spare PCI sound card, plug it in, go into your BIOS on bootup and disable the AC'97 sound, and then let XP install the drivers for the sound card.....
  10. I'm not using on board sound..I'm using the creative sound blaster card.
    I just uninstalled & re-installed the card - still no sound.
  11. fixed it - found some tick box that says "use only default device" was unticked"

    ticked it & it's all ok now!
  12. Effen Windows. ](*,)
  13. Hmmm... strange... that box isn't checked by default, and shouldn't have to be... In that same window, was the correct device selected for Sound Playback ie. Creative something?

    Cos each time i connect my bluetooth headset to the pc, it changes the default to the BT headset :evil:
  14. yeah it was, which was even wierder
    oh well, works now
  15. [​IMG]

    edgelett - I only use a picture because words alone can not express how much I like and respect you :grin: