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pc gurus advice

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Will Hung, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Maybe im being paranoid or a little cynicle but recently as my antivirus subscription was and has now ran out my pc has mysteriously been shutting itself down all of a sudden. Now it seems to be random but i find it happens a bit after clicking not to renew my antivirus After repeated prompts that a big scary black man is going to come to my house and **** me in the bum and give me aids if I dont renew it, well not exactly that but you get my drift.

    Am I way off base here or do these antivirus companies play funny buggers with noobs like myself or is it just a coincidence.
  2. A legitimate anti-virus program should not do this.
    It's possible you've been infected by a virus. It's possible that the virus is masquerading as an anti-virus program.

    The shutdown issue could also be unrelated to the anti-virus message (a coincidence).

    What anti-virus software are you running?

    I'd advise to uninstall it and install the free Avast! Home AntiVirus
  3. Been discussed in other posts before, the subject of AV that is.

    Firstly, why pay when you can get something just as good for free?! I've been using Avast for years now - there is a fully free version available from their website (you will have to register yearly).
    Doesn't hog resources like some commercial apps, updates itself and seems to (touch wood) do a great job.

    Also, I use PC Tools Firewall instead of the MSuck one ... that's 'cause I'm paranoid too and accuse MS of giving themselves (or their apps) rights that I don't want them to have.

    If you're using Symantec or McAfee producst, then I wouldn't renew the subscription ... both are bloated, pompous and highly expensive resource hoggers ... just my 2c, others might disagree.

    Also, I think AVG is mentioned quite frequently as a free AV alternative ... similar to Avast.

    As for commercial AV vendors being a bit "shonky" ... I look at it this way - if there weren't constant new threats, we (or more importantly big companies) wouldn't need their products ... hint, hint.

    Also, "they" have been trying for ages to implement full control and surveillance of the internet without causing a riot. The more peopel that are affected by viruses, trojans, id theft, etc, the more likely "they" are to get "their" way ;)

  4. Im running or was running Trend micro security which was recomended. I originaly got it because i had a 'vundo' virus that slowed the pc down to a crawl and it seemed to clear it up.

    I just found it curious that the problem only started occuring as i had a month to go of subscription and was being prompted all the time to renew.

    Its no big deal at the moment it only happens about twice a week I will eventualy get a computer bloke to sort it out and hook me up with antivirus.
  5. Haha the cynical side of me reckons they have little departments that create viruses to keep there programs in demand.
  6. I run a Mac :D
  7. Now Vic, not that old chestnut.
    MACS can get infected too, just rarely do so.

    (Why? because its not worth writing for such a tiny market....... :rofl:)
  8. This is good advice. Throughout the course of my work day I get asked this question many times. I always advise people on AVG, simply because I use that myself. But Avast is good also as is the PC tools firewall. Depending on your router and technical ability, its probably worth while enabling the firewall in your router, if it has one.

    And Vic, don't start with the Mac thing... Its UNIX with a gui. You just paid through the nose for it :p
  9. Well, like it or not, I've never ever had a virus on a Mac in years of using them. Whereas a Windows box I was setting up was connected to the net, and it had a virus *before setup was finished*!

    If you don't think there's a massive massive massive difference, just try the simple experiment of connecting two newly OSed but completely unprotected boxen - one Mac and one any flavour of Windows - to the web and see how long each takes to get infected. You'll need a stopwatch for the Windows box... and, I dunno, maybe the Clock of the Long Now for the Mac. ;)
  10. Once you've chosen your feee AV software and installed it, run a full scan. You'd also do well to download and install malwarebytes to see if there's anything else tucked away. Again a free program, and very good quality.


    It's "complete" scan is a byte level scan so if you're choosing to run that do it over night.
  11. So what's wrong with that then...

    They've done something commercial Unix could never do make a GUI that doesn't suck...

    if you're paying though the nose for it you're doing it wrong...
  12. The reason I love my macs is that finally a UNIX is available with not only a decent GUI but a great one, it has nothing to do with iwanker fanbois (they probably annoy me more than you lot because I see more of them being an Apple user).

    But UNIX and great GUI? That's win win in my book.

    Oh... and don't start on KDE (which is about as good a UI as windows 95, just much more stable because it's running on *nix) or Gnome (which is marginally better but not much) and the freeware *nix's suck for driver support as a rule and yes I've been using Linux since before Red Hat 6 was released.
  13. cheers sharkuss downloaded the malwarebytes and after running a quick scan it seems i still have vundo trojans still floating around and various other crap
  14. Never said there was anything fundamentally wrong with it. Just saying...
  15. Yeah but you keep saying it every time OSX is mentioned...

    Then again those AIX boys were always a bit strange... :LOL:
  16. Look up Vundofix as well. It solved an odd problem I had a couple of years ago with the STEAM program, where it wouldn't launch. Why, I don't know, but there had been no other signs that made me think there was a bug.
  17. norton-protection.
    Not much else to say, really.
  18. Will Hung: My sentiments exactly ... if they can fight them, they need to understand them ... which makes it veeeery easy to write them - or develop new ones, which then require that "new version" to be paid for :)

    Agree on the router firewall Josh ... can't be too careful these days ... what with all those envious Mac geeks trying to sabotage Windows :)

    Minderbinder, your pic shows exactly how I feel about Symantec ... and McAfee ... sort of plays in with Will's (and mine) conspiracy theory ... :blah:
  19. Indeed I do stiggie. Indeed I do.

    Think of it as a humbling reminder that OSX inherited nearly every one of its security benefits, and the rest are the result of a smaller market share.

    Besides, its never good to forget where you came from...