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PC gone too far again, this time it's the bloodnuts

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pringa8, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Zoo drops 'Ranga' free day campaign
    By Patrick McDonald
    September 29, 2008 11:44am
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    ADELAIDE Zoo has dropped an ad campaign offering free visits to all "rangas" to highlight the plight of orang-utans after sensitive redheads complained.

    Last week, advertisements ran offering "free Zoo entry for all rangas" during the school holidays.

    "Ranga" - an abbreviation of orang-utan - is a common nickname for redheads.

    "We seem to be getting quite a bit of a negative reaction to that request," said Zoos SA's director of conservation programs Kevin Evans, The Advertiser reported.

    "People are possibly more sensitive about it than we thought," he said.

    "We have a campaign over the school holidays because of orang-utans being an endangered species – and so are human redheads," Mr Evans said.

    Less than 2 per cent of humans have red hair.

    "Because of the way people move around these days, the genes that carry redheads are breeding out to brunettes and blondes," Mr Evans said.

    "Eventually it looks like they are going to be extinct as well."

    The zoo will continue to offer free entry to people with red hair for the next two weeks to raise awareness about orang-utans being endangered in the wild.

    The campaign is timed to coincide with the birthday of the Zoo's male orangutan, Pusung, and will include daily talks about the species.

    Dyed red hair will qualify for free entry and zoo staff will not seek proof that patrons are natural redheads.

    "We're not actually checking tops and tails, or anything like that," Mr Evans said.
  2. This is a wind-up, right?????
  3. Seriously, what kind of sad, inadequate, pathetic excuse for a human being COMPLAINS about a little bit of good-natured ragging and being given free entry???

    How soft and namby-pamby can these people get? Snivelling babies - do they want Mummy to come and kiss it better? Go and change ya nappy, FFS.
  4. I bet the people who complained are not redheads :roll:
  5. All the blueys i know love the attention their hair colour gets them.
  6. That sounds like it's from the Onion.
  7. Unfortunately Devotard, being a SA resident I can say this is true.

    and it's pathetic.

    I have several ranga mates, and they thought it was awesome!
    they can't help being ginger nuts, and they truly are vanishing off the face of the earth.

    i thought it was a great way to get attention to the real ranga's in the zoo!
  8. i got brown hair and ginger biscuit chops.. can i get in for half a day..
  9. Shave ya head!
  10. did last week but its growing back... damn you hair... damn you
  11. +1, Classic
  12. Probably in the TMI file, but I think I'd have a shot at getting in if they checked tails not tops