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Pazzo Racing Levers - Bulk Purchase Order Started

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by kroeb, Mar 31, 2008.

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  1. Order cancelled :(

    Due to circumstances outside of my control (and the US supplier) this, and future, Pazzo Racing Levers Bulk Orders will not be happening.

    It seems Pazzo Racing does not want to sell their product(s) in Australia UNLESS you pay the inflated prices charged by the Sole Pazzo Racing Levers Importer here in Australia.

    All I can suggest is if you want Pazzo Levers get them from somewhere other than here in OZ as you really are paying WAY TO MUCH from the Sole Importer.

    I am sad to have to cancell this as many people will be greatly disappointed. Do not let the actions of Pazzo Racing discourage you from getting some of these wonderful levers - you will love them as I love mine.

    Cheers and thanks for your attention.
  2. Paul is that price of approx $280 Landed correct?
  3. Not wanting to sound ungrateful, but, these levers are only $159USD + $25 delivery which comes to approximately $204 using a 0.90c exchange rate.

    What makes them a bargain at $280 delivered?
  4. A little? The dollar needs to plumett to 0.72c to make these levers $280 delivered!

    Thanks, I will, go here people!

  5. No, I'm not, I think you are.

    As I said in the first post cost including postage = ~$204AUD

    So I don't see how, or why anyone would look at your offer of $280 per set and see a bargain, or in fact, how you can make the offer implying people are getting a bargain?
  6. Triway triway triway - what would we do without you :)
  7. You would pay $280 for Pazzo's that are only $204!
  8. Or didn't know any different until now?

    Dude, you can sugar coat it any way you like, your customers are not getting the best deal.

    If it meant pissing me off? The only thing that's pissing me off is someone not able to acknowledge when they're beat!
    I'II buy your levers when you buy the bargain GSXR1000's that I can get for the spanking price of $18999+orc :rofl:

    Tha facts are that anyone can order from a website today, no delay waiting for you to get everyone together, pay $159USD and be charged $25USD per set, and have the option of buying single levers also, which is too difficult for your supplier, and no the postage won't increase per item as you order more. With a AUD value under $1000, there will be NO tarrif charges, or GST applicable.

    If you had half a brain you would realise that your source is ripping you off if any Joe Blow can get them cheaper on the net, either that or you are taking a cut? Which may explain your lack of willingness to accept my point.

    Yes, I do, but I don't need to organise anything, anyone who wants them just needs to go to the website I listed and order their own and they will be delivered to their door. No alterations to price, postage or anything! And, they can get frequent flyer points if they have the right credit card!! :p
  9. hey triway,i notice you have standard levers on your gix? :? maybe too much hassle with getting your $200 pazzos. :shock:
  10. No, just don't have a spare $200 at the moment, or really see the need for Pazzo's when there are much better levers out there, but when I do I'II be sure to keep saving until I have $280 and call kroeb!

    You know what they say, "a fool and his money are soon parted!" So enjoy kroebs levers dude :wink:
  11. Hahahaha :LOL: Thats precious :) Thanks gsxr movistar :)
  12. Mate, if I were to get aftermarket levers thay wouldn't be Pazzo's.

    Not sure of the relevance of what I use anyway? Maybe just trying to change the topic? I'm not saying Pazzo's are great, just that people who want them can get them cheaper than you are charging.

    If you were trying to do the right thing by netriders who want them, instead of bitching and moaning about what I've said, perhaps you should just look into it? But then you'd get nothing out of it would you?
  13. How is 280 cheaper then triway link???

  14. Silence speaks volumes doesn't it.............
  15. I agree with Triway.

    Anyone can get them right now delivered to their door, no worrying about fluctuations in the $AUD, or shipping costs and as said if <$1K no Import duty from customs.

    From what you said yourself Paul the less the number of orders the cheaper your shipping, hence the cheaper each set will be to the buyer, so that said why encourage anyone to buy, as would it not be cheaper to have nobody else buying them because the shipping is cheaper?
  16. o.k emailed motomummy enquiring about pazzo levers last night they have replied this morning saying, QUOTE"Pazzo Racing has agreements with distributors around the world and in
    your country there is a distributor. Due to this we must sell Pazzo
    levers at your local price which we are told is 300 US Dollars. We will
    sell you the pazzo's for this and give you 140 dollars towards other
    products in our store. So what it comes down to is you can order 300
    dollars worth of products online and we'll adjust the prices on our end
    so the levers are 300 and the other products are discounted, or if you
    JUST want the levers let us know and we can send you an invoice for 300
    dollars for just the levers. If you order 300 dollars worth through our
    store though we'll just adjust the prices on our end and ship your
    product. You will also need to pay the additional $25 for shipping so
    the total order must be $325. We have to abide by the Pazzo agreements
    between them and their distributors.

    Motomummy Staff
  17. There are a number of Ebay sellers who will happily sell them in Oz from the USA at $160+$29USD.

    I much prefer CRG levers myself...
  18. ](*,)
  19. Yes I did/do.

    I stand by my claim, Motomummy is but one supplier of these levers in the USA, don't believe for one second that you couldn't find one willing to make the sale.

    I still fail to see why your order which is a bulk purchase and therefor should be cheaper than the price for any schmo off the street, should be more expensive than what 500+ eBay listings have them for?

    But hey, whatever...........

    Give me ASV levers any day!
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