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Pazzo Racing Levers Bulk Order

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by kroeb, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hi folks,


    Well I am gearing up for the next Bulk Order for these wonderful Pazzo Levers. XMAS time is just around the corner so treat yourself I say :grin:

    Please PM if you are wanting a set and send me the make/mode/year of your bike and the type of Levers you want. Please visit www.pazzoracing.com to see what colours are available. Please also include your contact phone number and an email address for easy communication.

    Please be advised some colour combos attract an extra charge which I will let those affected know about before ordering.

    As long as the Aussie Dollar stays above 80US cents, Levers will come in at approx. $245.00 delivered to your door via Express Post (Aussie Post).

    This is the fifth bulk order I have done so people can be safe knowing this is legit and above board. All money will need to be in to me before the order is placed. I will keep in full contact with all people involved so they know how the order in progressing.

    Looking forward to hearing from everyone :grin:

    Cheers - Paul (aka Kroeb)
  2. Damn, I just ordered mine from MotoMummy. Why is it here in Oz we pay $350 a set, while in the US they are $US159 a set?. They are all made in Italy. Someone is ripping Aussie riders off.
  3. Howdy bretb81,

    Yup - the Aussie market is that small globally that we really don't matter :)

    It sucks - that's why I do bulk orders to save people some money. The US company I deal with is an Authorised Pazzo Dealer and offers a small discount and huge savings on postage for the bulk orders.

    In the end you could always put your OEM levers back on - sell your current Pazzo's and re-order though this next bulk order. Heck, you may even make some money out of it :)

    ...and as a reminder - the next Bulk Order will be placed in the next two weeks - so get in quick people :)

    Cheers - Kroeb
  4. It's no wonder Mladdin is one on Australia's richest sportsmen. Compare the price of Yoshi's, Jardines, Pazzos etc here and in the states. They are at least double the US retail price. I wonder what the wholesale price is ?. Fortunately I have a Yank sister-in-law, I just order straight from the US retailers, have it posted to her address and then get it forwarded from there. The only issue is the wait.
  5. people want it now, they want it warrantied, they dont want/need the hassle of chasing stuff that got misdelivered/whatever, so they pay. its a matter of the willing to pay price. if the distributor knows that 9/10 people are willing to pay $1200, why would they sell for $800? sure, if everyone starts buying from the states, they'll probably lower their prices. but currently the number of people buying stuff from o/s is a relative blip on the radar.

    oh, and theoretically, buying here you also get service. usually. theoretically. apparently.
  6. Only about two weeks from order to delivery for the last bulk order. Most stuff I get from the States arrives quicker than the Aussie suppliers - I've been waiting 3 weeks for fork protectors... but Pazzo's have arrived 4 days after order was placed - go figure!?!
  7. I've been quoted 8wks for parts from the distibuters. They don't keep anything in stock and order via surface mail and only when they have a number of parts to order. I've been told a number of times "we don't have it in stock, it would have to be a special order and you will have to pay freight". Airmail from the US takes less than a week. The US shops I've used, offer warranty on the parts they sell to Aust. One shop offers a 50% buyback on your exhaust for life. Great idea for when you change bikes.
  8. hi there is it still to late to order a set of pazzo levers for a r1 2006 model?
  9. Hi all,

    Still open for people wanting to be part of this order. Just PM or email me on kroeb@gil.com.au

    Order will be placed in the coming few weeks. Pazzo Heaven awaits....

    Cheers - Paul
  10. they dont have any for my bike :(
  11. That's so sad :(

    ...I feel for you mate :)
  12. What will be the price now that the dollar has hit .88 ?
  13. Howdy All,

    OK - if the Aussie Dollar stays good against the US Dollar the Pazzo's (order going through in the next 2 weeks) will come in at between $215 and $225.00. Bloody good price for a bloody great product.

    So - last call for people wanting to add some Pazzo Heaven to their lives :)

    Cheers, Paul

    PS - People should either email kroeb@gil.com.au or call me on 0407 178 159 to say hello and give me your bike details and what levers you would like.
  14. Hi again everyone,

    OK this is the last call for Pazzo Heaven......LAST CALL.

    I currently have a total of 14 sets so the order WILL BE GOING IN THIS WEEK. Postage from the USA usually takes 6 working days - though the last order was here in 4 days :) Budget on at least another day for Express Post here in OZ also please.

    Seeing as the Aussie Dollar is performing so well, the price per set delivered to your door is a fantastic $220.00.

    So again, last chance to jump on this order....email or call me on the below if you want in :)

    Paul - 0407 178 159 or kroeb@gil.com.au
  15. Fitted my Pazzo levers to my bike the other day. Can't believe how much better they are then OEM. I'll never ride a bike without them again.
  16. Thats exactly what I was like when I fitted my Pazzos for the first time :)

    The OEM look and feel horrid now.

    Every bike I have from now till I leave this world will be getting Pazzo Levers :)

    Thanks for the input bretb81 - glad to see another happy lever owner :)
  17. Just picked up my new levers today from Paul (don't get too excited people, it wasn't from the order so yours probably are in just yet, Paul had them lying around). He even fitted them for me too (don't get excited, he doesn't want to fit yours too).

    Thanks mate. Just thought I'd let everyone know what a top bloke you are. Although I am very intimidated by how much you know, and how bloody clean that beautiful blackbird is!

  18. This is the Wife here!! Paul thought you were a top bloke too, Choppa, and I hear you said some very nice things about my little Geepy - but she can't get Pazzos :cry:

    And as clean as my GPX was, Paul still found a few spots I missed - yes he is a little anal when it comes to the Bird and the Glock!!
  19. He lied ;)

    I was wondering whether you were getting Pazzos for it :) Don't worry too much, you will be onto something bugger and better soon enough.
    Gratz on the first ride by yourself too.

    I honestly have no idea how he got those bikes so clean. I am never seen anything like it. It's was great seeing them in the garage too. Not to mention the pocket rocket.
  20. Maybe we could have a bike cleaning BBQ and Paul can stand over your shoulder and watch and give you pointers while you clean your VFR!!