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Pazzo Levers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by becks_7, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    I am after a set of Pazzo short levers for my 2007 Honda CBR600RR. I just found out that you can't get them from overseas (even though they are almost half the price) because of an agreement that Pazzo made with the Australian distributors.

    Reason why I need new levers is due to the fact that my hand can barely reach the clutch without putting enormous strain on my wrist. I need it to be adjustable!! :mad:

    Having said that, I would like to know where I can get a set for the cheapest possible price. The lowest I have found is $335.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I've found US ebay to be the cheapest, about the same as Pazzo direct.

    You can get them landed here for under AUD$200.
  3. Take your clutch lever into somewhere like MCAS. Compare the mechanism end with other clutch levers. I'd be suprised if you couldn't find one that fit's off a latter bike.

    Start by looking at fireblade items for example.
  4. Do they necessarily have to be Pazzo? I just put a set of CRG shorty levers on my bike for the same reasons as you. They look exactly the same, around the same price too. Check em out, it may be another option for you.
  5. Motomummy was the one that informed me that they cannot ship into Australia now!

    I have heard good things about CRG, where did you buy yours from?
  6. I picked up my set from Road Rocket in West Melbourne. Randall there has a few color choices too!
  7. Hey Guys

    Do any of you have a link for the place in melbourne that sells these...
    i am in the market for a set of shorties too and cant find any in Sydney
  8. Re: Hey Guys


    There ya go! :)
  9. My husband can do a bulk purchase for Pazzo Levers. If he gets 10 or more sets ordered the cost works out to be $240.00 delivered to your door. My Hubby has done 3 bulk orders this year for bike owners for people all over Oz.

    Let me know if you are interested, and what bike you have so we can start a bulk order before Christmas.

    For those who wanna see what the Pazzo Levers look like installed just drop me your email and I can send you some pics of my Hubbies Blackbird with the Pazzos installed.

    Chat soon....
  10. Just got my pazzo shorty levers delivered for the Z750. Landed them here for just under $200 for the pair. :grin:

    Got them from here http://www.motospecialties.com/

    Now I just have to go and fit them to the bike! :twisted:
  11. Should only take about ten minutes to fit, you'll wonder how you lived without them :grin:
  12. There is a way to beat the dumb arse restrictions that these companies put on overseas shipping.

    I've been thinking about this for a while.

    If we got a USA delivery address that forwards stuff that is shipped to the USA then onto Australia, that would save a number of people some serious bucks?

    The cheapest option would be to get the free monthly account with a $23 set up fee and then the $29.95 shipping fee for the first 2.2kg.

  13. Is that the first 2.2kg of each item they send or 2.2kg of the entire year regardless of what and how many things you buy?
  14. Pazzo's


    what are you on about??

    You can buy Pazzo's directly from the states or the UK shipped directly to your door! for $200. au

    I dont understand who has been giving you misinformation about Pazzo's arrangement with local distributors... thats incorrect.

    The local distributor controls the price point that you would pay for this product locally that is all!! If you purchase these from overseas then you can get them cheeper however they will be void of any warranty etc due to you not buying the product here.

    The same principle applies for things like mobile phones.. A company cant stop you from buying these from overseas... that just BS....

    Get onto Ebay and source yourself a set from a reputable seller, you will save yourself a few quid.
  15. Re: Pazzo's

    This is correct, however Pazzo have been urging their ebay sellers to stop shipping OS.
  16. The former
  17. Howdy all,

    OK - my wife has mentioned that I do bulk buys for Pazzo Racing Levers. Lets get a few things straight here. You can get them thru ebay (though people are right in that Pazzo in Canada are trying to cut this type of selling out), you can also buy them direct from Pazzo Racing in Canada, you can get them from the USA (if the company ship internationally), you can also get them in OZ, and if you are really lucky your local bike shop may be able to source some for you.

    Yes the prices will differ depending on location bought, postage, taxes etc etc etc. At the end of the day though if you get them from a seller here in OZ you have some place kinda local to go back to if you have issues with the levers. If you wanna save some money and get them from a seller in the USA then do it - and save some money. If you wanna get them from ebay go for it (but you have a limited time frame to send them back if you have dramas).

    What I currently do with my bulk buys is get at least 10 willing buyers and process the order from a shop in Miami who I have a special price with. The idea is that if you bulk buy you save on postage as a whole for all the people involved. I personally cover any taxes into OZ and at the end of the day everyone is happy.

    As for problems I personally take care of them for the buyer on their behalf with the shop in the USA. But when you consider the absolute amazing build quality of the Pazzo Levers you are not going to have any issues.

    So there you are - if people watch out around November time I will post a topic for the XMAS bulk purchase for people to get interested OK.

    Cheers - Paul
  18. Feel free to Pm me when the time does come.
    Pretty sure I will want to modify my bike in some way and I have been thinking of those shorty leavers for a bit.
  19. Paul is also a member of our blackbird forum and has done a couple of these, and the buyers were happy.