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paypall email requested by buyer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vossy53, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Hi members I need your advice!! Selling my bike when I rec a sms.. 'bike still for sale?.. please email etc' I emailed that it was still for sale (the add on Bikesales has only been there for 1 hour???) This morning I rec this email ".....i can only pay through paypal at the moment as i don't have access to my bank a/c on line,but I have attached it to my paypall a/c & this is why I insist on using paypal to pay, i will like you to send me your paypal email to me to effect the money in your account asap. (verbatim) The buyer (she) is a engineer working on an oil rig off South America and wants to buy my bike for her Dad in Darwin as a gift. WHAT GOES?

  2. its a scam
  3. yep its a scam, you'll get a few similar ones, let it go. You will not out smart them.
  4. Just to complete the picture vossy, the scam works like this:

    The buyer offers to pay by PayPal, and will organise an agent to collect and ship the bike.
    You receive an email that LOOKS like it's from PayPal, but isn't - the email says the moeny is there, but there is MORE than you asked for...
    The buyer explains that they included the shipping fees, and asks that you forward the difference via Western Union, direct deposit or somesuch.
    If you're silly enough to do so, you find out the PayPal email was a fake and you're out of pocket for the "shipping fees".

    Scumbags for sure, but I'm really surprised people fall for it any more - good call in asking around...

  5. It can get worse then that, most of these scams use stolen credit card numbers to set up a Paypal account. so not only does it look legit it pretty much is until the stolen credit card number won't pay out the cash (bank wont honor it or cancels it) but Paypal does honor it cuz they are retards and it looks like its gone though to your paypal account but you can never get the cash out of Paypal to your bank because they cover their asses by canceling the funds when the shit hits the fan. By this stage you hopefully have refunded the shipping costs and made the scammer a couple hundred bucks.

    There are a few Netriders who have posted about these scams before and even ones who have lost over a thousand on them.

    Never give anything up, cash included until you have money CLEARED by your bank in your hand.

    This way it looks like there is actually cash in your pay pal account because paypal clears it but the bank has yet to. Even if you manage to get the cash in your bank the cops can take it off you because its stolen.

    If it looks suss, stay away.
  6. Paypal will trasnfer the stolen credit card funds into your bank account, When the credit card company refuses to honour the stolen card, paypal will freeze your account and take the payment back.. If you cant cover the payment they WILL send a debt collector to recover the money the theif paid you. You have no control but accept all the risk when using paypal. You cannot contact the credit card company because their contract is with paypal, Not you..
  7. Thanks members for your advice. Point taken and a bit wiser. As my wife said, "Praise God for Netrider". Take Care in 2011
  8. Also, a good way to tell if it's a scammer, is if no number comes up on the message, and it's a persons name like "john" or something, thus you can't call them.
  9. Spoke to a mate of mine this morning who listed his Hayabusa yesterday.. Guess what happened? yes you guessed it he received a similar SMS requesting his Paypall details to purchase the bike.. As it been pointed out to me BE WARNED!
  10. Got mine this morn from my bikesales ad.

    Thanks for your timely response to my text message and I am delighted to inform you that i am concerting it with keen interest, after evaluating it. Due to time constraints and the nature of my job I think it will be wise to carry on with this purchase immediately. To complete this purchase in earnest, I would be very glad to make the payment ASAP through my Pay Pal account as I am a British soldier and currently deployed to Afghanistan and i won't definitely be able to make it to my bank to make bank wires across to you. I am a soldier with the British Army with 1st Armoured Division. However, i would have loved to call you but we are not allowed to make use of mobile phones in our present deployment in Afghanistan (Operation Herrick).

    etc etc blah blah :blah: :jerk:

    My response went as follows

    Hello Josh.
    Afghanistan you say, operation Herrick you say. Wow, thats all sounds pretty amasing. I must say however I am curious as to why a soldier who is about to be sent to Afghanistan would possibly want to buy a motorcycle when each step could be their last?
    In order to assure the bike doesn't go to waste should you come to an untimely demise, I have fowarded your IP address of the computer you sent this email from to an US army buddy I have. He has in turn also enlisted Google's help (as this is your email address,josh.fergie007@gmail.com) under the States secrecy act,Steve Liebman clause 15 'Be alert, but in this case alarmed'

    My U.S. military communications expert buddy has assured me with their state of the art tracking and encryption technology, they will be able to find you no problem, to make sure you get whats coming to you. In fact he alluded to fact that as I type, a special forces division already has all your all your communiques logged for future referrence in case anything unfortunate should happen to you.

    As Im sure you aren't aware, the motorcycling community is reasonably communicative and reasonably small. We all share a common passion and often like to share our experiences and enjoyment we get through riding bikes.
    So when we get a response like this and it looks like bullshit, smells like bullshit, we call BULLSHIT!
    Then we tell all our motorcycling buddies and tell them to be aware of bullshit scammers trying to scam us out of our hard earned dollars.
    Just curious, does your bullshit scam ever actually work? I mean is anyone ever actually gullible enough to follow through with your requests.
    U r being watched, u cahn 8-[
  11. lol the "Steve Liebmann clause" - hope you get a reply!
  12. Cahns!! LMAO
  13. Cahns!! LMAO
  14. Yes, people do lose their bikes and the money..
  15. I just tell them i have the money and have sent the extra for shipping to western union then give them a number they can use to retrieve the funds, after a couple of emails back saying the number didn't work they cotton on and realize i'm wasting their time more then they are wasting mine.
  16. tell them you don't have paypal and to send you payment via western union :p
  17. Just put my car up on Gumtree & within 5 hrs, I've recieved 3 similar E mails!
    Works on an oil rig, dont have access to their bank a/c. would like to ring, but the phones aren't working on the rig atm (funny the internet is though!!)
    Just replied, I WON'T use PayPal due to all the scams going on. Send me the cash or a bank cheque & when the funds are cleared, I will release the car.
  18. I usually reply with -- dare you try to try the pay pal scam on me - and they never respond
  19. Makes me want to put an add up just to play with the scammers lol