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Paying tolls?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Grofaz, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering how everyone handles toll booths? Is it a case of having change handy and fumbling with gloves on? Or is there a simple method I'm failing to notice?

    Any info appreciated :grin:
  2. If you use the Gateway/Logan Motorway on a regular basis, get yourself an E-Toll. You only have to recharge $25.00 at a time. If you use $10 or more of tolls in a 3 month period, it's worth it - no lining up, no crappy oily surface as you stop at the booth! And they have special holders for motorcycles - you just have to ask for it!!!! Ftis snuggly above the instruments on your GPX!

    Toll Booth Ladies on the Logan Motorway used to let Husband pay all tolls at the first stop, and call ahead to let the other booths know.

    Although, the E Toll website says:

    E toll is not suited to motorbike use, however, motorcyclists who wish to use the E toll service can do so, we accept motorbike applications.

    There are a number of important factors to note regarding E toll and motorbikes:

    E toll devices are not waterproof. Please take care to prevent rain damage. E toll devices can be easily removed. Please take care to prevent theft
  3. Don't worry about the fools behind you. I have found that most booth operators are very understanding when I have to take off my glove and open a pocket to get the money out. They even tell me not to worry about the cars behind me.

    Or the other thing i do is tape the money in a small zip lock plastic bag to say your tacho (or in my case the insdie of the fairing) and just hnad the zip lock bag to the operator. they even ask me if i want the bag back for the return trip.
  4. electronic tolling, one of those periodic toll passes, riding on the side of the road so the weight sensors on the road dont detect the bike, sticking your foot over the plate as you go through the toll plaza.

    if i have to pay by change, i generally have the money ready in my jeans, still have to take gloves off but. :)
  5. exactly!! We shouldn't be paying in the first place. i rarely use them, but when i do, i find it harder to put back the gloves etc. Some times i stop after the tolls to put them on, or as future said, just do it there ..
    But i know that riders who go through tolls all the times, they have etag which works if you have it on top of the tank bag.
  6. Good citizen way . . . .
    If you have a E-Toll Pass for your car, nominate your bike numberplate as another vehicle. If you don't have a car, leave the toll pass in your top draw and nominate your bike numberplate as the vehicle of use.

    Bad citizen way. . . .
    - Look for another biker on the freeway and ride next to them as the boom gates go up, make sure you give them a knod ! :grin:
    - Stay 1-2m behind a bus, covering your brakes just in case and use the transit lane.

    But if you intend to pay, just let the fcukers behind you wait !!!
  7. Mickyb - if you don't have the E Toll on the bike and you don't call the Toll Evasion Line within 24hrs, you can cop a fine upward of $35.

    On the Up side, you can use the E Toll in NSW and Vic as well - handy for those long haul holidays!

  8. You don't need to pay tolls in victoria on a bike so if you plan on coming to vic on a bike don't pay unecessarily.
  9. Theres also the phizog way, but we won't go there on a public forum :D

    Bullclip with coins + gpx/zzr fairing pocket works well :)
  10. Is that on for QLD too?
    that's a good idea!! But what if it is M2, 4.40, that is at least 4 coins. You'll need a big bullclip..
    I have to admit that the last time i managed to drop the coins in front on them. They guy looked at me to see if i did it intentionally and then he let me go...
  11. I was paranoid about this when I was on the way home from picking up my bike. After much thought, I just got off the highway, put a heap of $2 coins in the fairing pocket of the zzr and made my way back on the highway. Once I got to the toll I was able to reach in the pocket with gloves on and grab the first coin that I could :grin:.
  12. Yeah its a reasonable size bullclip. Works well if you have a fairing pocket :)
  13. Is that a definite? I've often used the Monash by bike heading into town with nothing coming my way as much as a fine. I only ask this as there was talk some years ago of bikes having to fork out for use of the tollway.

    I know there's a fair bit of confusion out there. As far as I know we don't but I can't find anything official on the Citylink site that says bikes are exempt.

    Either way I'll keep using it.
  14. This is from the City Link page. Date 10/9/07.

    "Do I need to open an account or buy a CityLink pass if I use CityLink on my motorbike?

    Not at this stage."

    City Link

    I have heard that the new east link will be tolled. But how???
  15. More on the bad citizen way please :grin:
  16. An L or P plate sometimes gets shunted just enough to obscure a license plate...

    A reflective film goes over the plate which bounces off the flash of the camera

    Someone else's license plate is used

    Have a fling with the toll booth operator

  17. Oh good,

    Just coz my L plate is flopping over the number plate dusnt mean i'm gonna change it. Its the RTA's fault for making it cardboard. :twisted:
  18. i have a "friend" who has never paid a single cent on the M5. Its quite simple. He normally gets on the M5 from Henry Lawson Drive and just ride around the boom gate. If you look carefully at all the cameras you will notice that the cameras only point to the front of your bike where we dont have number plates :grin: ... I do not recommend doing this tho as last time i advised well my "friend" advised another mate to do this someone actually came out of the booth and started waving at him.. wonder wether they got his plates :shock:
  19. yeah, like on the M2.
    If your crafty you can use the bicycle paths near the toll plaza and mobile phone towers ! :eek:
  20. Number plate recognition camera's & software to debit your account.

    City Link will no doubt follow soon after, hence all the shooting cameras now fitted at all tolling points.

    You can also pretty much bet the house on regular blitzes looking for obsured plates on both cars and bikes once they go that way.