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Paying on the Motorway - Sydney

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Changa, Jul 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    OK...maybe I'm missing the obvious, but I was wondering how you're supposed to pay the M5 toll when on a bike ?

    The other day I went down the M5 and carried my E-tag in my pocket. Approaching the tolls I realised that I wasn't really able to get into my pocket to get the tag (still on L's - maybe there's a nack to it). It stayed in my pocket as I was being nudged along by cars.

    Then I started thinking that next time I should pay at the booth.....but that means taking gloves off, delving into fob pocket, getting change and then putting gloves back on - all very time consuming for traffic behind you....... is there an easier way or is this it ? Or are we exempt from the Tolls like free parking in Sydney ??


  2. link rego plate to tag then if u dont take with u it charges to account n ur fine
  3. Call e-toll-way whatever they are and tell them your tag didn't beep :)

    They *shouldn't* charge you in some instances.
  4. they should do as they do in QLD, bikes don't need a tag just a number plate and they charge no extra fees as they would checking a cars number plate.
  5. It may have beeped from your pocket though? I was trying to avoid one from beeping so stuffed it under the back seat and drove up to the toll gates to pay cash and it still went off.

    If ever it doesn't beep, you have 24 (?....48?) hours to call up and tell them that your tag didn't beep, give them your account number and they will charge the toll to your account.
    If you don't bother to call they'll send you paperwork asking for it.
  6. That would work

    My tag didnt beep for ages in my car, but because they had the license plate on record they charged it anyway, never received a letter from them for not paying
  7. +1

    Link your bike's plate to your tag and leave it at home.

    All motorways in Sydney perform video matching and should charge your tag account without any extra fees. In the event you do end up getting a toll notice (which shouldn't happen very often at all, however I got one yesterday for the LCT) simply supply your tag details and they'll charge your account for the toll amount only.

  8. I actually did a forum search before I posted, but musn't have used the right words.

    Thanks for the replies. I did a Google search and found an RTA notice about the harbour bridge and also the tunnel, saying basically that they didn't need riders to have an E-Tag. It also mentioned the M4 and M5 but basically said a rider may or may not receive and infringement notice - all a little "balls up" if you ask me.

    I have since linked my number plate to my E-Tag account. I think riders would have a very good case for not foraging around for an E-Tag, or not having to remove gear to pay money.

  9. Eway supplied me with a mini tag and a wetsuit material pouch with a strong magnet so it sticks to the tank but I still never carry it my plates are linked to my account and I have never recieved a toll notice occasionally they send me an email saying possible faulty tag but that's it
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