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Paying for membership

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ghope, May 16, 2005.

  1. Hey guys & girls

    I just signed up for membership but not having a credit card I intend to pay via money order. However I have never paid anything via money order *looks sheepish* I was wondering how exactly I would go about doing it ..I assume I go to the post office and tell them how much and where I want to send it? Will I have somewhere to put my application number?

    Sorry for being such an idiot, but I thought I would make a fool of myself here first *hides back in corner* :p
  2. Money orders work like this.

    You walk into a post office and you tell them you want to pay Netrider and for $5.
    It is filled out like a cheque and you hand them over the $5 plus $2.50 for the cost of the money order.

    On the back just scribble your membership # and send it to the PO BOX.

    Once received your application is approved that day.
  3. thanks :)

    also am I suppose to receive an e-mail verifying that it was actually me wanting to sign up after I have ? or do I just go down and pay with the number it quoted me..no email needed ? :)

    Thanks again.
  4. No email needed, I have your details. You are assigned your member number as soon as you get to the end of the application process.