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Paying Back The Blood Bank - On My Behalf...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Grrrl, May 15, 2008.

  1. Paying Back The Blood Bank

    Ok, I think most people are aware of my situation, and the operations I had 18 months ago... I required 7 or 8 units of blood during an 8 hour operation.

    As I mentioned in the crash story, giving some blood back was on my 'to do list'... Unfortunately, I found out that I am not eligible to donate blood, so I'm putting it out there for you guys to donate on my behalf!! :p

    But I will still be there to hand out lollipops! :LOL:

    I have booked a time slot in for:

    Sunday 1st of June, starting from 9.30am.

    At Southbank Blood Centre
    Cnr Balston & Kavanagh Street
    Southbank 3006 Victoria

    I'll put on a sausage sizzle for all the donors too, at one of those public BBQ's along Alexandra Pde.


    If you have any worries or questions about it, the website is pretty informative, and failing that, you can call the blood bank on 13 14 95


    The idea is to go in and donate as a group, but if you can't make it on this date, please still go in and donate at a more convenient time. The Southbank centres hours are:

    Mon - Thurs 7.15am - 8.00pm
    Friday 7.15am - 7.00pm
    Sunday 9.00am - 11.50am

    So who's in???

    . :dance:

    So far we have:

    * Movin
    * Robsalvv
    * Vic
    * Jadey
    * Holster
    * Phanoongy
    * Falcon Lord ~ +1
    * Klairi
    * Mitch
    * Rolla
    * Lids
    * Firefling
    * Ratbag ~ Maybe
    * Seany ~ Maybe
    * Doonx ~ Maybe
    * Boogieman ~ Maybe
    * My own confirmed + 6

    :applause: Yay for the volunteers so far! :roses:

    And for the maybe donors \:D/

    More! More! More!

    :dance: :tantrum: :dance: :tantrum:
  2. Out of interest what is your blood type?

    A pos here. and i'd like to think it may have helped.
  3. I donated a fine 667 grams of AB- plasma this morning.

    You're welcome, now where's my lollipop? :p
  4. I would love to donate blood, but I'm not allowed. Rules in this country are ridiculously strict. I used to donate once a month for years when I lived in England. Now the fact that I lived in England prevents me from donating here.

    Damn mad cows!
  5. We can't make it that weekend, but I'll ring tomorrow to book us in for another day. Will there be a bit of paper up for us to add our names to say it's Lenna blood? :grin: Not that it really matters, but kinda cool to know there are more people with you than just those on the day.
  6. LOL I have no idea what my blood type is actually...

    The date isn't set in concrete, and if necessary we can split into two groups??

    Maybe some can do it before Friday coffee or something?

    LOL @ the term 'Lenna blood' Maybe that's a whole new blood type :wink:
  7. Great idea!

    I would if icould but i'm in the same situation as you Lenna, Not allowed to.
  8. hmmmm, they wont take my dirty smelly pommie blood either, they will take my organs gladly but not my blood
  9. Whoopsies, check the OP for details now, I can't be bothered editing two posts seperately :p
  10. I'll come in on the Sunday
  11. would love to help but Im still repaying the blood my brother got 40 years ago.... dad repaid it till he was to old to give blood then I took over 31 donations later I have now got my girlfriend and two kids donateing as well

    .... Just for the record, I would have to be the biggest wimp out they come near me with that needle and I start shakeing..... anything else is not a problem, just cant stand needles
  12. I can't. I have loads of unprotected sex with mad cows who have tattoos.

  13. hahahahhahahaha, Those white cows with black odd shapped tattoos, damn them!!!!!
  14. I had a bad reaction last time i gave blood! but that was a long time ago so im going to try give again :) you can count on me....BUT you may have to hold onto that lollypop if i fall over and don’t move for a bit
  15. i am unable to donate, but I may be able to pop in.
  16. :dance:

    I'm sure there are still more of you out there... Is the lure of lollipops not enough?!? :shock:

    They will be Chupa Chups, of course... no skimping on the lollipops, I promise!! :grin:

    And yes, anyone else that is unable to give blood but still wants to come, you know the time and the place, so just come on down...
    This is pretty scary stuff - these guys might need the moral support... :p

    oh yeah, but if you plan on coming down, please do say so here, to give me an idea on how many sausages I'll need to get...

    Any friends or family that you can con into giving blood are more than welcome too!
  17. After 6 months of chemo I can't donate either.

    One more thing - when you go in make sure you all sign up as potential bone marrow donors as well.
  18. Hey lenna

    just got off the phone to Red Cross and they recommend that I don't donate for 6 months but Jadey will donate :) and then she can give the lollipop to me! :grin:

    She didn't think she could donate because she had malaria a couple of years ago, but they have told her they can still use the plasma.

    So we will both see u all on sun 1st!!! :p
  19. ACE!!

    Will be GREAT to catch up with you two!!

    I think will have to give you a sympathy Chupa Chup so Jadey can keep hers :p

    Good idea with the 'potential' bone marrow donation too, TonyE...

    We still want more people... C'mon guys... You can do it! :grin:
  20. ** Bump! **

    Anyone else?