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Pay Parking tickets

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ferret, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. what do people do when parking there bike in a pay and display area that dispenses tickets. where and how do you display the ticket so they don't blow off, get stolen etc. has many people had this problem???

  2. Glenelg council expects bikes to unbolt their rego holder and place it in there if they want to use a ticketed car park without their ticket getting stolen.
  3. Which means you would be obscuring your rego sticker and potentially get fined for that...

  4. Personally, and from above I guess it illegal, but screw that, I just pay and keep it in my pocket and if I get issued with a fine I can prove that I paid with out all those risks.

    But then paid parking is the work of the devil so I usually park "around the corner on a footpath" and yes I am aware that is "more" illegal, but in repects to a car I am taking up not even a tenth of a car space. I'm sure one day I'll get a fine, but not yet. :)
  5. i thought about doing the same thing, but again covering rego leads to other issue. i wonder which fine costs more not paying for parking or obscuring rego??? :-k
  6. When is NSW going to come out of the dark ages and allow bikes to park on the footpath?
  7. Your not the only state in the dark ages mate! Wouldn't it be nice if local government would wake the f@%k up and smell the maple nut crunch
  8. Most of the footpaths in Sydney looked too narrow to me last time I was up there. Melbourne's a re huge in comparison, maybe that's why it doesn't work in NSW?
  9. Have you been listening to a bit of Denis Leary Fluffy Bunny Feet?
  10. Writing your rego number on the ticket, so that if some bugger pinches it you can find it/the inspectors know can help a bit... and I dunno, maybe a roll of sticky tape in a jacket pocket? ;)

    Hell, write 'this ticket stolen from: XX 309' on it!
  11. Your an ideas man Bravus.
  12. How about just taking your licence plate and rego label with you when you leave the bike?? Then they can't fine you...

    Alternatively, if I have to park in metered parking, I do as LPC does and take the ticket with me, then if they try to fine you, you just kick up a stink about "So where the fook am I supposed to put my ticket??!!"
  13. Of course, they may just write back and tell you...
  14. Now how did you guess that? :p
  15. Have a 2nd rego holder? cable tie it to the frame? $2 buys you 100 cable ties down at franklins!
  16. Call it a hunch. :)
  17. I keep some elctrical tape in the pillion box and cover the back of the ticket in tape and stick onto the inside of the windscreen.

    Otherwise I will just park somewhere outside of the markings but still very close and hope I don't get booked...

    My mate had his numberplate and rego on clip studs. He clips them on and then when he parks it he takes them both off and walks... Coppers can't book a bike they can't identify.... and I know what your gonna say, they will tow it... but in Western Sydney, find a cop who gives a flying rats ass about going that far...
  18. We are talking local councils here. They don't give a toss about your problems. "Council ordinance XXX.XX states you must display therefore wear a fine". We are talking a group with authority that in some places has tried to ban motorcycles from parking anywhere in entire "strips" eg. along a popular beachside area. Just because they don't like bikes and don't want bikes cruising down their roads, normally citing "road/pedestrian safety concerns". They are a law unto themselves.
  19. Then you'll spend the whole day looking for the ticket with your rego number. :LOL: :LOL:
  20. Motion to remove local councils - all in favour say 'Aye!'. :grin: