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Pay it forward..... help a motorcyclist.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Hey Guy's :)

    Some of you may have seen a movie called 'Pay it Forward', I want to do something along those lines; I want to offer my help to others, be it with mechanical assistance, riding tuition/mentoring or any other way that I can assist, what I ask in return is that you make a conscious effort to help at least two other motorcyclists in some way.

    I know there are already many Netriders doing just this, I think promoting 'Pay it Forward' will stimulate people to ask for help knowing that they will then help others.

    Many Netriders have helped me in a number of ways over the last couple of years, from visiting me in hospital, helping me move, bringing my gear home from the Island while I travel in the ambulance, I still feel indebted to them.

    This way I see many motorcyclists getting the benefits.

    Just PM me with how I can assist and we'll work something out. I guess whom ever I help will add their names below?

    It can be anything really, loading a program into your computer, picking up your broken down bike, Who's with me?

    Maybe add your username to the list if you have some spare time/knowledge and are happy to receive a PM from someone. Maybe even add in what area you have expertise (eg, IT, mechanical, ute), At the very least I'm sure all of the following would be happy to go for a ride with you.

    * Johnny O - John - mechanical, ride tuition, ute. Reservoir (Vic) area.
    * hornet600 - Paul - IT, Wollongong
    * Noticibly F.A.T - Luke - ute and single bike trailer, IT, finance, financial planning, Anglesea/geelong.
    * Thera - Mick - Melbourne CBD, General IT, Ute and a Chef. Able to help most Weds/Thurs/Fri, Handyman.
    * Sweeris - IT, mechanical, cheap fairings, Elwood & Melb surrounding suburbs.
    * GOOSH - van and all-round good bloke, Dandenong.
    * hotmilk - craig - fibreglassing, mechanical, Heidelberg.
    * dane78 - Dane - Telstra/electronics store, lift, Echuca.
    * jazzthechef - Jazz? - Chef, anything- Melb.
    * tyrelever - Al - IT, mentoring, Pakenham.
    * Holster - Holly - For those jailbirds, Clayton (or Noble Park North so she tells me :wink: )
    * Isle of Cam - Cam - VCE biology & chemistry, Melb Western Suburbs.
    * vladpp - 3D graphic design & animation, Patterson Lakes.
    * ewaynemorgan - Wayne, financial planning, Penrith.
    * Envy-t - Marcus - eater, Box Hill North
    * port80 - basic mechanics, garage nights, Tarneit.
    * AUS-ESP - Nigel - IT, Graphic Design, heavy lifting, Pakenham.
    * tamarasue - driving points needer, Brisbane.
    * quick blat - IT, web design, hosting, Nunawading.
    * smee - photography, massage (with happy ending :wink: ) Melbourne.
    * missmakeupgrrl - IT, make up artist, shopping, Melbourne.
    * erewego - photographer, Melbourne.
    * sharkuss - Simon - financial planning, IT, car performance mods, Lalor (Vic)
    * rod - lifting, novice rider escorting (never thought of you as an escort :wink: ), Coburg.
    * alleyway - rider escorting, Sydney.
    * citymorgue2 - home brewing, fish & chips discount, Wantirna.
    * OldBellHelmet - Mike - kitchen builder, house moving, Mount Colah.
    * I'm Simon - Simon - trailer & garage, Hastings.
    * sidecar55 - Duncan - car & motorcycle mechanic, Croydon.
    * adge82 - Harvey Norman discount - Preston, minor mechanical, Epping (Vic).
    * hegemoney - Russ - riding advice for noobs, nurse, lift in car, Essendon.
    * booga - David - IT, light mechanics, drinking, listening, playing games, Mitchum.
    * thetramp64 - law & govt stuff, Bendigo.
    * Toecutter - money lending advise, Northern Beaches (Syd).
    * gracebeey - Grace - accounting studies advice, Prahran.
    * zenali - Alisdair - IT, lifting, digging, Southbank (Vic).
    * VCM - cyl head repairs, RWC testing (car), Dandenong.
    * dangaz - lifting things, derestricting Hyo 650, Mt Evelyn.
    * jp86 - digital graphics, Adobe family (Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver) good with HTML, everything Apple and OS X, first aid, Wollongong.
    * Cowboy Mac - IT, Melb SE Suburbs.
    * GreyBM - novice rider assistance, Preston.
    * Ezyryder - Andrew - Resumes, carreer planning, Hastings.
    * doyle - car & bike mechanics, Wollongong.
    * jp86 - Adobe HTML, first aid, Wollongong
    * I Adore Vic - Rosie, Library assistant, Vic
    * browny, Elec engineer, digging, house moving, Melb CBD

    ........... phew!!! As a typist I make a good mechanic, with all the IT dudes here, I shoulda got you guys to type this, lol. I might have to retype with suburb first for ease of searching.
  2. Top idea, Johnny, congrats!!

    I don't think I do anything I do half as well as the other people here who do the same stuff (I.T., etc) but if you live somewhere in a large circle round Wollongong and you need a hand with something, shoot me a PM. I may not be able, but I'm always willing.....
  3. Excellent idea mate!

    Noticibly F.A.T - Luke - Anglesea/geelong, ute and single bike trailer, IT, finance, financial planning, can lift heavy things, has been known to help people move house for a slab of cold beer :)

    Should i include a photo? :p
  4. Right on Johnny.
  5. *Thera - Mick
    *Melbourne CBD
    *General IT, Ute capable of pulling 3t trailer ... oh and a Chef. Also do Odd jobs when Required. Able to help most Wednesdays/Thursdays/Fridays. Handyman.

    Johnny was thinking we needed something like an unofficial NR roadside collection service. Great Idea btw.
  6. I think it's a good idea but I dont have a lot to offer. Most of the people here are probably in the IT field already.

    I can probably spare some time for-IT, mechanical(generally 250s).

    I'm not sure if this means anything to anyone but I can get fiberglass fairings for both road and race kits for a good price. Dunno if you would want to include this tho :roll:

    I had a similar experience with people on here that had to go out of their way to try and help me out. So I want to pass this on and help others on here too.. :grin:

    I'll mostly go around the elwood area but I'll all over melb everyday of the week from sringvale to bundoora to werribee...
  7. well add me to the list.

    have previously helped out with stranded netriders when possible..
    have access to a van so if i can help you i will....
    dandenong area preferably, but if your willing to wait by the side of the road, i may be of help.. just ask ronin and dougz of my excellent service
  8. good idea johnny.....

    i may need a favour from you mr J.O in a few weeks, since you love offerin your spare seat. My gf's best friend who's moving in with us wants to come on a TNMR in a few weeks....... but i'm on my L's and cant take a pillion and the 250 will hate me if i did even though shes little :p so i might call on you to take her for a MR in a few weeks if your up for it.... :)
    ps i'll scope out the R.A.P. for you beforehand mate :p hahaha

    meanwhile i'm struggling a bit to think of anything useful that i can do! :?:

    actually here goes....
    craig - heidelberg area - i'm good with fibreglass, general mechanical stuff (alot more experienced with cars) and general handy stuff lol unfortunately no utes here :p just a honda jazz :(
    i'll post up more things as i think of it! :)
    EDIT : oh yeah i'm willing to go for a ride with newbies or someone just wanting someone to ride with them til they get some more confidence etc. again around heidelberg area, but dont mind travelling a bit to help out :)
  9. I'm happy to help out anyone I can, don't have any area of expertise as such. I'm in Echuca and work at a Telstra Dealership/Electronics store. I guess I can offer assistance in those areas, cheap deals etc. Often travel to and from Echuca & Bendigo & Heathcote, if anyone ever needs a lift or something delivered could always try and help


    7 seater Honda Odyssey
  10. im a chef, whilst not overly skilled in much not to do with food im willing to help out pretty much anyone with anything.
  11. freakin stupid double post 10 minutes apart due to stupid internet download being exceeded, stuffs everything up
  12. I'm a chef too, but i can't cook for shit. :p

    Thanks Johnny, this thread has reminded me I've made a few promises over winter i need to make good on. :wink:
  13. :shock: Deja Vu
  14. Count me in too!

    Ive only just come into my full license and have had the luck of a great mentor for the past year or so and as such Id like to help where I can.
    Im no expert but am more than happy to accompany any not so confidant L riders who just want a ride buddy for a few hours (or a day) or just a friendly zig around, drop me a line.

    I live in pakenham so if your around the S.E subs of Melbourne and west gippsland pm me :D

    Im also a IT vet as such, 11ish years experience in high lvl corporate IT. If you need a pc built/diagnosed or help a large corporate mail server, EMC, Unix etc Im but a PM away.
    Oh yeah ive got a Medium Rigid heavy licence too, if you need a truck driven we can come to an arrangment :D

    I just love driving :p

  15. You can add me - not much to offer though :p

    I can bake an awesome cake
  16. Hey Holster,

    Never belittle cake making skills!!!!

  17. dont you have a kid that you can offload...
  18. Do you feel you want a kid GOOSH? :LOL:

    chef...... :LOL:
  19. Thats not helping another rider out though - not in his current phase - eating everything in sight, lazy and moody.

    Anyway back on topic.......
  20. Not bike related, but i am a teacher so can help with tutoring High School students studying for VCE biology or chemistry. Live in western suburbs but can travel to where ever required.

    PM if needed.

    PS great idea.