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Pay Attention Now

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by roundman58, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. Give this one a try, a bit like the pea and shell game. I can't seem to make it past level 5.



  2. Level 7 :D . Mind you im seeing double at the moment tho :shock:
  3. Level 7 also. Then fell off the chair from all the spinning. The trick is not to stare directly at it and follow it. You gotta keep it in your peripheral vision.
  4. Completed it! I managed to track it up till level 7. 8 was a lucky guess.
  5. completed level 8 though i must admit the last one was a bit of a guess :D
  6. Level 8..... But wasn't a really confident guess for the last one

    Lisa :D
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Yay i made level 8
  8. level 8 YAY, last one was a guess though, if you blink during the quick rotations your screwed
  9. Lvl 8 also - second try! I figured out the trick straight away: don't look at the thing you're trying to follow. It's too hard to track that way... rely on your peripheral vision, as it's faster.

    It's just like fixation when you're riding, I suppose. ;)
  10. 8 first go byt it was a guess.