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NSW Pavement parking in Sydney

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ngalbrai, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Whats the deal with parking on the pavement in Sydney. I notice that they park in the recessed bits of buildings, are they marked parking spots or are you only allowed to in the event of the bike not protruding beyond the side of the building?

  2. i think it'd be more a case of having permission from the buildings owners/those that lease the building and permitting it's not blocking any fire escapes etc. aswell

    apart from that this isn't victoria and i'd presume it to be illegal.
  3. It is illegal....however, I parked for years in the CBD, never got a ticket (might have blown away though...hehe), the council has a map of all legitimate locations
  4. luv melb for parking
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  5. I went to USyd last week. Man I could not get my head around forced street parking. I want to leave Melbourne but the parking is just too good!
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    From what I understand, in regards to Sydney, the reason why people park in the recessed bits of buildings, etc. is because you are allowed to park on private property and you won't get towed unless the property owner/building manager were to request that the bikes be towed away. The city can only issue tickets when parking laws are being violated, but this is a private property issue.

    So no, you don't need permission and and there are no marked spots, but as long as the building hasn't posted a sign saying "No Parking Here" and you aren't blocking any doors or emergency exits, the building owners/managers do not make a fuss about the bikes and do not bother getting the bikes towed, so technically they are allowing bikes to park on their private property and all is good! (y)
  7. Yes

    But if the building owner objects you could find
    yourself in trouble still.
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    Once you're protruding onto the sidewalk, the building manager isn't the one that cares. It's the fine collectors that nail you w/ a ticket for parking on the footpath.