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VIC Pausing rego?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Bjpitt, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. My rego is coming up soon, and it pisses me off that Vicroads only has the 12 month option. I will be travelling overseas in September for atleast 2 months. I have the option of cancelling my rego, but do I get back dollar for dollar? And I would need to pay for new blue/green/pink/vomit or whatever slip and admin fees...

    Any other options?

  2. I don't understand your question? Cancelling rego is the only option I can see on the Vicroads website that will give me back money for rego I won't be using.
  3. Ok, thanks!

    Still wish I could just register it for 6 months, are you listening Vicroads! NSW does it better...
  4. Cheers!!!
  5. Be careful as if your bike/car is unregistered for longer than 3 months you will need to get a RWC + inspection before it can be registered again.
    Your insurance may also not cover you from theft if it gets stolen while your gone if it is no longer registered.
  6. As an added insult, victoads will ask you to get new plates as well. Another $17 pissed up against the wall of bureaucratic incompetence to complete the process.

    I know about this as I let the rego lapse while I was waiting for funds and then parts to rebuild the gearbox.....6 months unregistered saving about $350 vs RWC $130 + hassle + plate fee + re-register for 12 months.

    AFAIK 6 months option in Victoria is only available to pensioner and health card holders.

    My suggestion...its only 2 months worth of rego, 700/12 is $58 per month.....its not worth the hassle of letting the rego lapse...
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  7. But 3 months rego is about $170, so even if I let it slip, it would be a wash. But it's all academic if I can't get 6 months rego.

    Maybe I can rent the bike out? lol.
  8. BjpittBjpitt - you can't pause your mortgage/rent either. Why so worried about a relatively small amount (apart from the fact that you're forced into it)?
  9. That sucks. If only you could register it in SA. I have an older bike that has sat in my backyard for years. I jump online, put in my license and the rego, and BAM, re-registered, no checks, no RWC. It's not safe, but its cheap
  10. Not arguing with you Justus, my insurer just has that scribbled in as part of the PDS and explicitly stated to me that they only insure registered raodworthy vehicles.
    No idea how much of an issue it would be if you claimed though
  11. Because as you said, I'm forced into it. For rent, I am not forced to pay 12 months up front. And if my bikes off the road, that does not compare to pausing a mortgage/rent, someone is not losing out.

    It's a relatively small amount to you, and a relatively large amount to me.
  12. Fair enough. You'll have to find something overseas your mates want and bring them back plus a finders fee - just enough to cover the rego 'loss'....
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  13. Sell bike. Buy new bike on return.
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  14. Not a cheaper alternative - GST and admin fees for rego swap.

    Not this exact reason (people going overseas for a few months), but I think this maybe why so many vehicles are unregistered in Victoria? It's a big upfront fee for many people.
  15. or there are just a lot of criminals :)

    can't afford rego (AND the associated minimal insurance), can't afford a car..