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Pauline Hanson - Is it her? Isn't it her?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by QuarterWit, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. So now Pauline Hanson said that the girl in her infamous photos wasn't her. Turns out a couple of facts don't really ad up - she was married in 1975, has never worked at a grocery store and had long hair up until she was 30.

    On today tonight, or whatever that program is they interviewed Jack Johnson, who had time to put down his guitar and discuss the photos. When asked if the pics were of Pauline Hanson... he said that he's certain her name was Pauline.

    If i was the editor of the Sydney Morning Herald I'd be absolutely shitting myself at this stage. Looks like the SMH and some other media bodies were served with papers this morning.

    Anyway, the guy that sold the pics seemed like a sorry case. Said he had to sell the pics to pay for operations on some disturbingly large bone cancer tumours and stuff like that.

    Anyone see it? What were your reactions?

    I personally hope she gets every cent she can squeeze out of those bastards. Not her in the pics, the other guy is just a sad bastard. My 0.2c worth. What's yours?

  2. Reserving judgement at this point.

    I think the fact that she was married was on the record already - the claim is that this was a fling.

    Could be a beat-up, could be fakes (still not gonna go look), but she could also be lying through her teeth.

    Personally I wish she'd get a sudden overpowering urge to live in another country far away.

    She's gonna put her hand up for a heap more taxpayer funding for this election, and get it because there are enough rednecks in Qld that she'll get over the 4% vote, but not get elected.
  3. PS My thread on the pics got ated yesterday, so I'm not sure how long this one will survive.
  4. Not her. Unless she had a nose job to make her nose worse after those pics were taken.
  5. agree, not her
  6. Doesn't matter... I don't want to see those photos ever again!!!

  7. While I agree the photo's are not her, what I want to know is why the media feel they must show these photos to us? Sure talk about them if need too. These photos were supposedly taken 20 years ago, who cares if she posed for them or not. How many young women have posed for photos like these when they were young. Why should anyone be held accountable for something as innocent as this, from 20years ago.
  8. They are only of interest to people who want to align themselves with a carefully-orchestrated campaign by every political party in the country to destroy her, which they succeeded in doing electorally, but were not satisfied, and now want to destroy her personally. I would not be at all surprised if this story is every properly told that this, too, is a careless part of that vendetta.
  9. Who cares!

    It's an ugly chick with no clothes on, who wants to look?

    NOT ME!!!!
  10. I agree Paul. Attack her policies, ridicule some of her ideas, but not the person.

    If she was running a puritanical ticket on a conservative agenda, perhaps fair enough. But she isn't, so leave her be.

    BTW, you do know how much money a candidate can make if they attract a certain percentage of voters. It's really quite disgusting. You get reimbursed a set amount depending on your voter numbers, regardless of your actual expenditure. And surprisingly, none of the majors will change the system as it forms a large part of their funding.
  11. Pauline makes a tidy living, by doing this.
  12. That's what I find funny. People jump up and down about her doing this - but yet so many other people, major parties and independents benefit from the same thing.
  13. Yup, the majors are the greatest benefactors. Every seat they contest makes them money. That would be our money.

    Try submitting unsubstantiated expenses with the ATO and see how far you get.

    Pollies are top of my list. My list is long.
  14. Haha I've got a list too :grin: and the pollies are on it, and hippies.

  15. i rection that it aint her
  16. You should really check your spelling, that reads very badly for this thread....... :LOL:
  17. perhaps he meant "rectum"... :LOL:

    That sits well with this thread.
  18. perhaps he meant "rectum"... :LOL:

    That sits well with this thread.

    I don't get it?
  19. I bet it's not.

    Then again I don't think Pauline Hanson is a chick either.
  20. Well shes going ahead with legal action stating its not her, I personaly dont care if they are. But the guy who is making the claim is a bit dodge about the whole thing.