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patting on truck

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by abvc, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. i patted a truck today in the citylink tunnel :LOL: it's like patting a big puppy. everybody should give it a try

  2. just like a big puppy, the truck can bite.
    i guess the drugs are bad or something there?
  3. Isnt that abit dangerous?
  4. Are you still splitting? :grin:
  5. that tunnel is scary in a car - are you mad?? :?
  6. Should have hugged it. it is just like hugging a big fuzzy teddy bwear. that vibrates. :LOL:
  7. Fair enough you did it. Thats cool. But it also begs the question.....why would you wanna?

    Try reach under and tickle its belly next time.......
  8. Mars wrote her name n the dust on the side of one on the freeway once, or so the story goes... Maybe she was splitting between two trucks on the bolte on-ramp at the time, while juggling a chainsaw.
  9. so, you were how close?


    great! just great! thanks for sharing. :p

  10. it was pretty clsoe that i could pat on it :LOL:

    your wlcome
  11. davway:yeah gotta make sure it won't bite first :LOL:
    sweeris: it is dangerous if it bite
    gren: still
    carolf: not mad, just been thinking about it for a while
    rs & bambam: :LOL: sounds like a great plan
  12. It's not that hard to do, while filtering...but why bother....It's like sticking your head in a crocodiles mouth - some have done it, some have had their head crushed. :roll: No cred.
  13. Some people play russian roulette and some weeelll, like to pat trucks.
    Both insane!
  14. LOL! never thought of patting a truck! so doin' it.
  15. K! You first!! :p
  16. what are the rules. does the truck have to be moving? do I have to be moving? :p
  17. Totally... we need rules.

    1. You must be moving
    2. Truck must be moving
    3. Anything considered as counting must have double rear axle and have a greater than 4 tonne carrying capacity.
    4. If the truck pats back you are disqualified.
    5. Bonus points awarded for truck patting on one wheel.
    6. Bonus bonus points awarded for truck patting whilst standing on the seat.
    7. Free entry to hall of fame with photographic evidence of your truck patting capers.
  18. Youd be patting a truck to put one of the netrider magnets on wouldnt you? Same thing. If it felt right at the time.. i say good on you.

    :grin: :? :)
  19. I say we get a whole bunch of netrider magnets/stickers and you photograph them on the side of a truck :grin:

    In a few months there will be a story on today tonight about confused truckies and these phantom stickers appearing on the sides of their trucks.
  20. I know someone's taking the piss but this on 'new riders and riding tips????'

    Speaking of domain/burnley tunnels, they are warm and wind-free on a cold winter night. Rode from Mill Park to Chadstone to see a movie with mates on old Boulevard on a cold windy night earlier this year. Tunnel was warm and welcoming.

    No trucks to pat though. They're scary enough trying to bunt me up the blurter!