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patriot act ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Dante, May 8, 2006.

  1. my buddie, in vagas. was riding along last weekend and stoped to help a rider on side of road that cooked her rear break fluid, she invited him for a drink to say thanks at the pub they were at, the police where their taking photos of people as they exited , my bud asked what it was all about why his photo was being taken , police said that the photos were part of the patriot act. he ask more about and they said they were anti gang police, (i guess thats like that show on tv 'the shield')

    so chubz had his photo taken just because he helped a rider out..
    oviously he isnt worried cause he isnt doing anything wrong ..
    does this sort of thing happen much in australia?
  2. Yes.

    Plates are recorded and photos taken of people at any known gang hangouts (including club houses, functions, funerals and weddings) and similar things take place at raves and dance parties.

    We don't have anything like the seppos and their "Patriot Act" (which includes a hell of a lot more than the ability to take photos of random people to be kept on file), but the cops here are allowed to take photos of any 'person of interest' which pretty much covers anyone at any particular place of interest, (which is pretty much any place).
  3. Really?

  4. By that I meant that the laws we have are no where near as brutal and invasive theirs.

    Eg. We can’t have all our assets confiscated and be expelled from the country as a non-citizen without the requirement of justification or evidence if we are suspected of being "involved in anti-government activity".

    The most we can get for that is 7 years prison. :grin: :grin:
  5. I was listening to Roy and HG yesterday on JJJ and they were going on about the Logies and stuff.

    They got onto the subject of 'sniffer dogs' and how the cops manage to deploy them at The Big Day Out, the local train station, rave and dance parties etc, but you never see them at the toilets for the Logies.

  6. the reason for this is simple. At the logies, there would be uproar by people with lots of cash and really good lewyers. They could mount a case and win. Then the little rave orgonisers would have that as a precident, and be able to fight this sort of behavior by the cops. So the cops pick on those who can't defend them selves and stay away from those who can.
  7. Especially if the person of interest is that well known Patriot - groberts... :LOL:
  8. I have not read either piece of legislation in full, but are you saying that under the Patriot act an American citizen can be stripped of nationality and deported? If yes, then that is definitely more draconian than ours, but if no, then there is no effective difference. We can and have (eg Willie Brigitte), deported non-citizens suspected of terrorist activities who have commited no crime in Australia. Brigitte was not extradited, he was deported.
  9. . . . i thought this was a thread about Warnie's threesome caught on film !

    I guess I was wrong !

    . . . it was a patriotic act !
    giving it to a Brit and Kiwi ! :eek:
  10. Yep, thats how it stands. :grin: :grin:

    Willie is a bit of a special case. He was held before our current laws came into place at the request of the french.

    At the time a 'person of interest' in a terrorist plot could only be held for a once off, 48 hour period without charge or legal representation. We used that 48 hours to put him on a plane to france where he can be held for an unlimited number of 2 years periods for the same, again without charge or legal representation.

    We have since updated out laws to an unlimited number of 7 days periods.

    This was based on intel the french extracted from his wife (who they had in custody) which painted him as a very bad man.

    The truly funny part of the story is that the french sent a fax to us (aka one of australia's federal agencies) explaining that we should 'pick him up' asap, but it arrived at 4:30 pm on a friday arvo before a long weekend. Needless to say that he wasn't even under survelance until 9:30 the following tuesday and was arrested a short time later. :grin: :grin:
  11. im confused.. did they send the fax to us or to the US? hahhaa
  12. Confusion removed from midget. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. Damn...that then begs the question, if he was born in minnesota where do you deport him to, hawaii?
  14. We will have a defecto Patriot Act and a defecto DMCA act all coutesy of the FTA
  15. Sounds typical.
    The yanks will arrest you if you take photos anywhere within the city of New York without a permit (nothing to do with 911 - it's all to do with copywrite on buildings etc).
    Yet the cops can take photos of regular citizens going about their daily lives, without fear of being challenged. (which is far more of a personal infingement than taking tourist photos of buildings etc).
    Ah well...That's why they gave their citizens guns (just in case their government got out of control) coff. ahahaha
  16. I would love to see any proof or reference for that. The controversial sections of the Patriot Act have been to do with search warrants mostly - not the deportation of US citizens.
  17. Do you mean to tell me that there are thousands of camera toting Japanese tourists doin time at Rykers Island?
  18. A quick search on google revieals this:
    This passage refers to immigrants (even with citizenship), I will dig out the interesting bit that include those born there when I have more time.

    And yes it (the us patriot act) includes some ripper stuff on warrants, access to documents and financial records, wiretapping and electronic survelance, detention of suspects and the list goes on.
  19. This is actually more true than you may think.
    The declaration of indipendence apparently has a paragraph that stats that it is a citizens right and responcibility to overthrow any government that is impinging on there rights.

    As such they have cast in there first key leagle document the right to overthrow George and his Crownies... No wonder George is so damned paranoid.

  20. Me too. I fail to see how it is possible under international law to deport an indiginous citizen to another country. Without their home citizenship they cannot enter another country as they would have no passport. The only way to enter without a passport is to be a 'stateless person', and/or a bona fide refugee. In both cases it is a matter for the receiving country not the 'deporting' one.

    I like the idea though, pick a weak helpless country (say Tuvalu), and force all your crims and dead-heads on them, maybe a few time-expired politicians as well?

    EDIT - Note that the US does not recognize dual citizenship, ie all US Citizens are effectively indiginous regardless of their original citizenship.