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Pathetic service, in general

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Peter Reebok's spat about the tyre for his bike strikes a chord with me, for the same reasons.

    This afternoon after work, I went to my local Rivers store, to buy a new pair of jeans, and some new shoes. There was no-one else except the girl behind the counter in the shop. She was on the phone, on what quickly became obvious as a personal call.

    Now Rivers is now self-service, that's ok. BUT I had with me the specifications of a pair of Rivers jeans I already own, and I didn't want to pull every pair off the shelf till I found them. So, you guessed it, I went over and stood at the counter, no more than a metre away from "Yes, I know, and did you know...." waiting for her to serve me.

    I stood there for 2 minutes; I know, I timed it. In that time she was looking at me, and I was making eye contact with her. Did she even attempt to wind up the call and serve me? No, of course she didn't.

    Mrs Hornet and I walked out. I will be contacting the franchisee of that store tomorrow and registering a complaint about her ignorant and contemptuous attitude to someone who indirectly pays her wages..... And unless I receive some sort of assurance that something will be done about her, and staff training in general, I will not be shopping at Rivers ever again.
  2. i have been known to embarrass my family by demanding at volume that these types of retail workers assist me. i pretty much always get a response similar to "what!? do you think i am here just to serve you??"
    ...well, ummm, thats the general idea :roll:
  3. I'd have hung the phone up for her, and left.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. I do the same. Mrs 2wheelsagain works in customer service and she is louder than me when we're ignored. Having travelled OS I can say Australian customer service is the worst. It will be interesting to sample service in the US soon. Mrs says its fantastic. She's even had good service from the local sheriffs :LOL:
  5. had the fair share lately

    KFC, worst chips ever, how hard is it to make chips

    Dominoes pizza, 3 mins on the phone to be told that store cant deliver, you will have to go back into the crappy phone system, the one that hung up earlier because it couldnt understand english , so then rang pizza hut and placed order in 37 secs

    Toyota , leave your work van here for a full day so we can check out your borked fuel guage, well we might not have the parts, well dont you think you could preorder a sender ? , oh sorry mate we dont do that sort of work on a Saturday :evil: ffs how long does it take to drop a tank out of a hiace

    Just went to coles, deli closed, 1 checkout open, and the bloody liquor land was closed 5 mins early

    sadly crappy service is getting to be the norm

  6. Nice find, thanks. Saves me going to the store :grin:
  7. Lets all get together for a group hug, and watch Michael Douglas in FALLING DOWN.
    Movie about a guy who has had enough!
  8. I think the modern trend in customer service can be summed up with how most sales assistants these days have replaced the phrase "Can I help you?" with "Are you right?", with the latter being spat out rather than spoken. Too many sales assistants see customers as a pain and an impost. It's quite laughable that they can't draw the link from annoyed customer - - > no customer - - > no job.
    My pet hate is staff that don't listen. Just the other week I went to Oporto, stood at the back until I decided what I wanted and went to the counter thinking I'd make it nice and easy for the young girl, and thus it went
    Me: "Can I get a Big Bondi meal with chilli please. Pepsi for the drink and I'll take away."
    Her: "Sure." Pause "Was that just the burger or did you want the meal?"
    Me: "The meal thanks."
    Her: "Did you want chilli on the burger."
    Me: <Sigh> "Yes thanks."
    Her: "What drink did you want?"
    Me: <Deeper Sigh> "Pepsi please."
    Her: "Eat here or take away?"
    Me: "Baaaaahhhhh!!"

    Was I speaking Swahili??
  9. lol. i used to work for rivers.
    at age 18 i was paid 8.50ph (casual rate).
    alot of pressure and hassle. very crapola company. easy to get a job there... because they are always desperate for staff...
  10. Still better than Hungry Jacks. [​IMG]

    One day I enquired about getting a 2nd job there. Girl says "Oh you wouldnt want one"

    "Why not?"

    "We only get paid $6 an hour"

  11. All too common i'm afraid. they are taught to works to a script i think. Interupt the script and they get lost.
  12. Best store customer service in Vancouver, Canada. Bloody amazing, they can't be more friendlier and helpfull, but at the same time not over the top or pushy. If I could sum up the Canadians in one word, it would be "friendly".
  13. What are you guys expecting? :?
  14. Their cash-register 'puter prompts on each of those things.

    They don't hit the "Big Bondi meal with chilli & Pepsi to take away" button, they hit "Bondi Burger" *wait for next screen* "Meal" *wait for next screen* "Chilli" *wait for next screen* "Pepsi" *wait for next screen* "Take Away" *wait for next screen*...

    The same thing happens at Subway - they can't remember your whole order - they've taken a billion orders that day, and it's not worth risking having to fix up a mistake just to ask you what you want at each step.

    Sure, I've noticed it's the mark of a particularly efficient person to remember the entire order and whack it into the computer easily and quickly - but most times I'll just give them the details as they ask.

    That usually works just fine.

    ... except for that one b1tch who didn't ask me if I wanted chilli on my Otroppo burger, and then I forgot about it and got it with no chilli [​IMG] swear, I'm gonna firebomb that place straight to Satan's arseh0le.

    maybe I'm overreacting
  15. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and judge that you are stirring with that comment.

    So this morning I wrote an email to customerfeedback@rivers.com.au Let's see what eventuates
  16. American service is great. . . as long as you wave around the green stuff.

    If you don't tip, don't go back to the same place twice, or expect the atmosphere to be verrrry chilly. Like Antarctic. I've had that happen when my boss paid and didn't tip on the first night, and I paid in the cold shoulder routine for the rest of the week, after he was gone.

    The Australian accent gets you the benefit of the doubt the first time though. :grin: Although some places assumed: Foreigner = No tip.
  17. Didnt mean to stir anyone. Seriously, theyre on shit money with no incentive to perform beyond keeping a shitty job they dont really want. Either theyre students filling in the time with a menial job thats below them, or no-hopers who you cant expect much from anyway.

    Like some chick on $6 an hour cares whether Rivers loses a customer. What is it to her?

    Hence, what can you expect. Its shitty for the customer, but theyve gotta make the job attractive enough for anyone to want to keep it before you can expect performance.
  18. So, unless you're getting paid $200 an hour you have no obligation to provide a reason for the employer to pay you, is that the story? Unemplyment is higher in Wollongong than many other places, and youth unemployment is nearly 40%. A job is a job in that environment.

    Two things.

    1. This woman was in her 30s and I would have expected better manners, no matter how much or how little she is being paid. (I've learned to expect less from younger people.)

    2. A couple of years ago in the exact same store, with the place full of customers, I was able to do a quick fix on the shop's docket printer for a distraught young lady, who was going to have to close the store because of the problem. She was very grateful, despite being paid whatever miserable wage you allege she may have been getting, and gave me a bottle of shampoo in appreciation. She took pride in her work, and in her customer service.

    We are at a stage in this country where selfish and rude behaviour is at such a level that what happened to me is to be expected. But your condoning of it just shows that you have the same standards, I guess :roll:.
  19. Youth unemployment is at 40% because 40% dont want jobs. If you don't give the plebs a reason to care, they won't. There's plenty of people who are hardwired with an inability to do a poor job at anything regardless of the rewards, but you won't find them being wasted in low-level retail for very long.

    Speaking of attitudes, I'm hearing a lot of "me, me, me" out of you as well.