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N/A | National Pathetic sensationalist garbage

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by hornet, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. I think in every interview I have watched with riders of the TT they knowingly acknowledge the risk; all riders know it when they enter; all spectators know it when they line up enthusiastically to watch; everyone mourns the loss of a great rider but look at the likes of the great Joey Dunlop who navigated the TT year after year but lost his life on another track far away ... it is part of a racer's life, they know it, they embrace it, they challenge, they defy it and, sadly, sometimes they lose to it ... they have my total and utter respect.
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  2. The report is from a Fox news outlet, is there any wonder it is a beat up, they are a two faced organisation that has no beliefs except Rupert profit. In comparison in the USA the death rate from firearms is over 9000/annum but Fox rejects any attempt to introduce background checks prior to ownership.
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  3. That's a pretty funny article, I just wish it was a piss take but sadly there are people out there who take that kind of trite seriously.
    I worry that one day the supposedly "sensible" boring fools may succeed at getting rid of the race, it's on my bucket list to go there.
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  4. went there in 2013
    going back in 2017
    says it all really
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  5. I did manage to read that article.

    Didn't really understand the purpose... Really random considering the TT finished like a week and a bit ago.

    Factually incorrect and poorly written, actually feel like writing to the journo and asking them to re-write it.
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  6. Exactly, exactly and exactly!
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  7. It could be used as a part of a presentation on how to improve the appeal of your location as a tourist destination, given the context of a course in tourism?

    Best I can do.
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  8. Fodder for the cringing masses. who will lap it up, and then cringe some more.
  9. Yeah it's not a real article, just a fluff piece about 'thrillseekers' getting their 'buzz' :p
  10. I noticed there's no "Comments" section after the piece - probably knew she'd be torn a new one by motorcycling enthusiasts
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  11. click bait = $