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Pat IS back

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by patR1, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. had a bad start got banned the first week of membershit but i be on my best behaviour now .....
    so lets start again .

    HI my dear friends

    cant wait to go for a group ride with you guys, some people here are so nice=D>
    so i cant wait to meet you in person for a good old chat....
  2. Where are you Pat?

    Come on this years Icicle Ride and we'll sort the wheat from the charf.

    All the best,

  3. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Welcome.
  4. welcome back, shame you'll be waiting a while. Icicle Ride next year?
  5. NSW somewhere. Got done for 45km/h+ on some popular road in some popular national park and found the offended laws very unpopular.
  6. Welcome (again) PAt I hope you live up to your promise.
    Please place your state (NSW) in your profile so it would be easier to know where to find you.:twisted:
  7. Thats right im in sydney. and yes im going to represent myself in court as this fines ARE TOTAL BULL SHIT , just got some good books at uni to keep me busy on this slow public transport ;

    "Practical skills of the Solicitor" and
    "Lawyering - procedures and ethics"

    this way i save some money on solicitor and present my case in court

    So guys i might meet up for a group ride sooner than you think..

    you best friend Pat
  8. Welcome back and good luck with your case. I hope you do well.
  9. What's the old law quotation? "A man who represents himself has a fool for a client."

    If you're serious about fighting it, get some professional help, otherwise they will wipe the floor with you, seriously.
  10. challenge vicroads champion to a duel
  11. Hi Pat & welcome!

    You've received quite the baptism of fire, but don't let that put you off! We're not all as beige as we make out. :)
  12. welcome back.


    you will lose in court.

    no doubt you will keep us posted though.
  13. i though you guys will give me a bit of inspiration
  14. Welcome back Pat !!

    Glad your back cause I was really enjoying the Pat Show.

    Do you sell camels in your spare time ?
  15. Hey, best of luck, but I'm not really sure what angle you are going to argue from that would make them overturn the fine penalties (fine and suspension). From what i recall, never at any time did you refute that you were travelling at the alleged speed, so I am not sure how you will go.

    Of course, I guess if you are lucky they may take pity on you needing a licence for work/uni, which may help, but then if they find you guilty, and the look at your driving/riding history and see that you have a previous offence for street racing, I am not sure if they will allow a reduced fine/suspension. Do you have any other speeding fines over the last few years? If so, that will probably make it harder again.

    For your sake I hope they take pity on you and reduce the fine or allow you to keep your licence.

    Either way, regardless of if the penalties are too harsh or not (i am not making any judgement on that), hope you have learnt a bit of a lesson... if you are going to speed, make sure it is under the limit where you lose your licence, etc, or take it to the track and speed there. Otherwise, they will only hit you harder next time.
  16. Agreed, only thing you could argue in court is if you believe the speed was incorrect. Not sure how you'll go on the basis that the penalty is not fair....
    You can try for leniency due to your circumstances but for pete's sake, tone down your attitude toward the road system otherwise, they'll throw the book at you.
    Remember you were nabbed at 111 in a 60 which is more than 50k over.
    So good luck, I think you'll need plenty of it......

  17. :D dont think so
  18. never heard that before

    can somone explain the expression?
    Do you sell camels in your spare time ?
  19. Unless he moved from Perth to sydney he doesn't sell Camels.
  20. personal joke between us Pat