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Pastor Sempa stance on homosexuality (NWSF)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Kermie, Oct 25, 2011.

  2. Sempa would like to encourage us to judge others based on one criteria, one we cannot choose. It would be wrong to judge anybody other than him, over the abhorrent dribble that he preaches.

    I think I need a good brainwashing after that.
  3. last time this was posted it was as a rap song ,,,extreamly funny
  4. mate if the jam the arms as far up each others arses as he indicates they won't live long anyway

    I suppose they have to take their minds off just how shit life in Uganda is by hating someone
  5. hahahahha :rofl:
  6. ha ha h

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  7. "I did some research" = "I went to my personal collection"

    Who wants to take bets that this guy is gay?

    Its a very scary picture to see the masses getting whipped up into an animalistic rage like that. I cant think of a better example of the need for education.
  8. Ohh 100% he eats da poo poo....
    That is hilarious..

    Oh and by the way, Blackster, Its NSFW, Not Safe For Work, not NWSF!
  9. Nah I doubt he is, that's just one of the typical methods of Pastor Whoever preaching in Africa. You're right, they lack education, it's hurting them.

    My guess is their biggest exposure to homosexuality is the rumours of what goes on during male **** by whichever armies at the time.
  10. He seems to know a fair bit about kinky man sex for an anti-homo. Also seems to know where to find plenty of gay p0rn. Hrm....
  11. you dont have to be gay to get a whole hand up your ass, or go the asslick....
  12. We'd better not tell him about felching. It might upset him ...
  13. Tha was f-ing funny. Something about how he says it.

    he's a good speaker, too bad he's also a dumb ass.

    Really funny as I was having a conversation about "two girls and a cup" last night.