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Past my Licence Test

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by greenrider, Mar 31, 2007.

  1. Hi All Netriders out there and Dr Who... I just wanted to share will you all my great delight in passing my Licence Test today!!! Yippeeeeeee!! All went great. was alot easier than I imagined and was over in less than an hour! The first thing I did is throw that "L' in the trash when I got home ... bike looks much better without it ..... :p 12 months ago if some one would have told me i'd be a licenced Motorcycle rider i would have asked them 'what drugs they were on" ..... now I ask myself 'why I didnt do this years earlier?' Im sooooo stoked!!!!

    Dr Who ... Thanks brother for putting me in touch with the finer things in life!!! ... :cool:

    Happy Greenrider!!
  2. Congrats
    Now remember, the bike is NOT the Tardis!!

  3. Thanks Hornet600,

    Will celebrate tonight and out for ride again tomorrow!!

    Dr Who (netrider member) needs that quote directed to him!!! He has the TARDIS airbrushed on his CBR1000's fairing!!! lol
  4. Hey where did you do your licence test? Did any fail or fall off? :twisted:

    Have a drink for yourself!
  5. YAYYYY congrats Greenrider!!!

    enjoy your new status wooohoo

  6. Nightgash .. did Licence test at Rider Bros calder park... They were fantastic. Very laid back and relaxed. Made it a fun sort of experience. I was the only Gal doing the licence test today amounst 6 others. Rode down there on the bike. I think I was the only one that did as didnt notice any other two wheeled machines in the car park. No one fell off or got killed, even in the Lerners Permitt group! Wasnt sure how the swerve test part would go but it was really easy at the 25km speed. Stopping test no probs either. Glad its all over though. Now I can concentrate on getting as much experience as possible. Been commuting every day for last three months. Now Im feeling its time to improve my cornering and what ever else I can absorb in regards to bike handling etc ... The Netriders was a great place to start and if anyone asks Ill be the first to tell them!! :cool:

  7. Thanx Dwn2Mel... Sort of feels like I've gotten myself a promotion ...lol :LOL:
  8. Remember you are stil on your L's til you get to the motor registry.........

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. It IS a promotion :wink: Congratulations \:D/
  10. Congrats :grin:

    I still got 2 months 3 weeks to go b4 i can go for my P's :cry: (not counting though) :p
  11. Re: Dr Who and All netriders ..

    G'day everyone,.......

    Trust the good Dr,......You have learned what fun it is to ride....
    Wait till I get you out to the range again and put you back behind Dads Parker Hale .308 etc.
    It's time you started to have some fun in your life again and get back to some basic's and get away from the complications put in your way in life.

    Congratulations on passing your test,it only gets better from here.

    So what bike you going to get in 12 months when you get your unrestricted licence?
    Think about it,.......
    And you owe me a curry,.....(I have'nt forgotten you know!!!)

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?

  12. Good on you, I didn't even know you were female (not that it makes a difference) but its nice to see more females getting their license. I just got my license at the start of Feb and bought a FZR250.

    Have fun!
  13. Down the range with a PH .308. I need to get out to Little River with my Martiny Henry 577/450 for it's anual blast. I did not get a chance last year.
  14. G'day everyone,.......

    Yeh,....I have'nt mannaged to get to Little River,(now Eagle Park),so far this year but will get out there soon.
    Want to keep my eye in on the 800mtr range.

    Dr Who?
  15. awesome0qm.

    Man, thats great news!

    Congratulations mate.

  16. :woot: Congrats Greenrider!
  17. Congrats greenrider. Hope to see you on the road. Now the learning really begins.
    Stay Safe
  18. Thanx for the kind thoughts people. Well if you ever see a Marone CB250 with 'ABIKE' plates cruize past with a rider with a HUGE grin on her face you'll know for sure its me!!! :p (Stilll havent come down from yesturdays HIGH) .... Off now to wash bike and go for ride!!!

    BTW ... Thanks Dr Who (little brother) for the (unflattering photo ... of the bike of course !!!!) you posted!! lol

    Greenrider :cool:
  19. well, that just about female covers all bike riders! :p

    Congratulations, good stuff \:D/ \:D/
  20. the smiley face matches me too!! ROFL
    but on a GPX instead

    I will keep an eye out for you greenrider
    I have NT plates on
    meet you out there on the road

    Oh and it certainly is a promotion!!! its such a buzz when you pass isnt it? I could hardly shut up and sit still....hang on a minute thats me normally ROFL