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passion fingers strikes again.....

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gpxkermit250, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. For those of you who think any avoidable money spent on a 250cc is crazy, silly business and or mentally challenged, you can exit now or read on in disgust.

    With plenty more room for improvement as a rider and finding some conditions and limits a challenge at times I've decided to keep 250cc GPX Kwaka for at least another year (6months over my time off restrictions).

    So with the credit crunch in mind I set out to achieve as much DIY as possible on a shoe string budget and with no real idea where to start or what to do. Took lots of time browsing Net rider for inspiration and sussing out lots of websites with pictures/instructions on what to do for the various modification you want etc....

    * Replaced bulky stock Front Indicators with Arrow Heads
    * Replaced bulky stock Rear Indicators with Arrow Heads
    * Replaced Rear black mud guard/fender with modified number plate & light bracket
    * Removed Rear reflector mounts
    * Removed rear rego sticker mount and moved to side of bike
    * Removed baffles from exhaust
    * Drilled breather holes in exhaust (breather holes my ass, did this as I butchered the job badly getting the baffles out and had to do this to make it look even)
    * Stripped black paint from exhaust pipes to bring out chrome finish on join to pipes at foot peg
    * Removed old Tank sticker and replaced with paint saver roll cut to a template
    * Removed mirrors to mount on handlebar ends (applied black paint saver over old mirror mounting blocks)
    * Replaced Rim walls with Fluro Green paint strips
    * Replace Handlebar grips
    * Covered handlebars with black paint saver cut to size
    * Cut and Polished a few times to removed scratches and get some shine into various dull areas of paint
    * Used tooth brush and auto sol on just about everything else

    TOTAL COST $331
    Swearing, cuts, brusies free of charge.




  2. Nice additions and well done on the touch ups. It's your pride and joy and anything that improves on the bike, whether it's the look of it or the handling will only make you want to take it out more.

    *just a heads up, just have two or three pics posted and a link to the others.
  3. indeed, you are over the limit for pics (only Touring Reports has no limit)

    tasteful mods :)
  4. apols for the pic over use.. In my excitement to post i just clicked add image x 7 and didnt realise there was a limit etc.. Will save to a link when I can and then update my post.

    Thanks for the postive feedback too on the Mods. My love appreciation of the bike since is 10 fold : )
  5. good work old son. next upgrade is a rear tyre. pity you're not in sydney. could have given you a free sports exhaust.