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Passing your MOST - when you don't have a bike to learn on!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Nickyb88, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Good moro all!

    I'm currently on my learners, but when I'm eligible to get my P's I'd like to go get them asap as I'm going to leave Australia in a year and a bit and when I leave I want to be on my open licence for my international licence.

    Slight problem with passing my MOST, is that I haven't found a bike yet, hence I haven't got a bike that I can practice on.

    So how do I manage to pass my MOST? How hard is it? Is there some sort of course I can do (like QLD's Q-ride?) rather then the test?

    I hear that there's a couple of training days before the actual test, would these be enough to cover it?

  2. Dunno about anything official but if you have a mates bike to practice on, you can download a copy of whats in the MOST test which has measurements and illustrations of the U turn, slalom, quick stop etc. so you can set up everything you need to do and spend a few days practicing your arse off.

    If you can delay it, do though as there is no substitute for experience.
  3. Book in for your test and hire a bike for a few weeks prior to it so you can get used to the bike and read the requirements of the test so you can practise the tasks and you'll be fine. Thats what I did, i never owned a bike on my Ls.
  4. Heya, yup HART has a course you can book in for that gives you heaps of practice for your MOST. There's a qualified instructor that runs you through the course and gives you tips on how best to handle the bike.

    You can also rock up and use one of their bikes if you don't have one of your own ;)

    I did it at St Ives and it was AWEEEESOME fun. They also teach you cornering stuff, hill starts, etc, which i found more helpful than the most stuff.

    I can't seem to open the HART page that has the course for some bizarre reason, but if you do a search on their website i'm sure you'll be able to look for it.

  5. You can acutaly attend the courses for a fee, one guy i did it with who passed had gone to 3 before he wentr for the test. The tips and coaching you get from these instructors changed me for the better on the road.
  6. It's pretty feasible to pass the MOST without owning a bike - 2/6 people I did it with passed, one had only ridden on a farm and the other hadn't ridden for 10 years.