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passing *rules*

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by russ, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. did a quick search on the forums but ofund nothing on this.

    what is the acccepted ettique when passing people? I've been more of a solo rider and have never really considered the 'rules'.

    2 things I found this weekend while riding, there are a lot of litre bike owners out there who should still be on their 250s, i had a large number come barreling past me on a straight and then jam on their brakes and putter throught the next 10kms of twisties.
    There has already been a discussion about the existence of idiot motorcycle riders. i saw a lot of that this weekend, fools who would come past at 200km/hr and then (literally) go through corners at 20 or 30km/hr (cars were banking up behind us). thats right mr ducati rider, i'm talking about you :evil:

    the other thing was I tacked myself onto the back of a group of riders through the spur, found myself able to pass, but since it was a 750 i was behind, I would have to be real close and aggressive through the exit of the corner to put the sv ahead on the straight and i wasn't too keen on passing on a corner.

    In the end I slowed down and hung far back because I figured hanging of the back wheel of a rider might be a bit distracting for them.
    still copped a bit of an evil at the end, so i figured perhaps my methods were incorrect. what should I have done in that case?
  2. Tough one this :-k

    Basically, don't overtake on the inside and don't do anything that causes the other rider to suddenly brake or swerve. You are right about not sticking to someone's back wheel, it can freak people out.

    What I hate is if you get a bike/cage in front of you that is going slower than you want to go but not slow enough to make for a 'safe' pass :cry:
  3. You know what I really hate?

    I'm rolling along on little 250 Spada, riding all sensible like, and then a group of complete pratts on their litre bikes come flying up from behind and over take me all at once!

    No, not three dudes in a row, but two overtaking me on the left and one more on my right, all at once! Scared seven kind of hell out of me.

    Now that's what I call feckin' rude!
  4. if going slow, and you notice a faster rider coming behind, move over safely when you can and let them pass, i do it all the time, yet when i come up on a slower rider only half the time they will move over, most times i have to get past them as best i can..
  5. that is pretty fuggin rude, speshly seeing as they dont know you :x

    maybe i'm overly cautious for a rider but i'll never overtake on the left in the same lane and i'll only do it on the right if the rider in front has acknowledged me in some way. balance can be shifted pretty easily on a bike so a quick shock could potentially send a rider off the road if they're still in the learning stages. i expect to be treated the same way too, i keep a good eye out for those faster than me and always let someone that catches me go up ahead. i think the trick is to let them through before they just burn through i spose.....
  6. Paul,

    Sorry, but we spend alot of time here whinging about tintops not giving us the space we're entitled to and how we're entitled to a whole lane, why is it different for other bikes?

    If I'm riding along (and I should mention that this is not a major highway this is a leafy suburban back street), in MY lane and have a trio of more experienced, more aggressive riders overtake me from nowhere, in MY lane and at least 20kph over the limit (i was sitting right on 60, they were absolutely flying past me), then I think I have a right to be pissed off!

    I'm all for this brotherhood of riders thing, but the respect has to go both ways. Sure I'm on a 250 with L plates on, but that's no excuse to swamp me for shits and giggles.
  7. Trouble with bikes is that they can move out quite unexpectedly to, say, overtake a car. It's also quite easy to occasionally miss something coming up behind you when riding, as you are generally moving quicker than other road traffic.

    This is why I am always very cautious when overtaking another bike and always try to let a following rider know (usually by pulling over to the left) that I am happy for them to pass if it looks like they are going faster than me.

    I agree, what happened to you was just plain rude, if not dangerous.
  8. its all about common sense as most riders will see you coming. sit back on the corners and then overtake on the straights in the righ hand lane as you would any other rider/cager.

    if he does the 'i'm good and riding a duke' poser thing sit on his arse all the way till the prick moves or better carry a big spanner and throw it at him :twisted:
  9. Had a couple of other bikes buzz past me the other day. I was travelling behind a car at about 75kmph. Staying the obligatory 3 secs behind it, riding in the right hand wheel track. As the car I was following started to slow, I glanced in my mirrors and then applied brakes. No bikes were visible behind, only cars, then all of a sudden out of nowhere these two bikes lane split and buzzed past me and scared the living bejesus out of me. I do have a clearly displayed 'L' plate and was annoyed as everything could have gone pear shape very quickly.
  10. the problem with this guy was that I could have passed him inside or out but I was certain if I did he would screw up, run wide and crash. He was more unsteady than a learner (absolutely no exaggeration).

    I think this is part of the dark side of motorcycling, a large number of people, riding large bikes, acting like tools. It seems a sudden favourite in the threads at the moment... we whinge about car drivers, but the number of stupid things I saw from motorcyclists this weekend was huge.
    I even saw one guy heading toward the reefton spur riding squid :roll:
  11. Being a Ducati rider up at Reefton last Sunday I could take offend, but obviously there may have been more than one up there at that time.

    In relation to your question, if the going is twisty & I come up to some other rider I hang in behind for as long as it takes that they catch my headlight in their mirrors. At that point they might feign a corner/straight & open the door for me or I hang back waiting for a clean pass (regardless how long that takes).
    It’s hard when you can see the guy/girl ahead is putting 100% effort because that’s when things can go wrong so I try to button off instead of sitting there inadvertently appling pressure.

    Shoe on the other foot & being the not-so-fast bloke ahead of a faster rider I try to swing over/button off & make them pass me when I want them to, when it suits me. I don’t stop, I just slow up for a sec & verge to the left side which makes it clear to them my intentions. It’s takes no time at all & removes all the effort & confusion on passing for all conserned.
  12. The more people we educate on this, the better it will get....eventually :roll:

    :D :D :D
  13. I *hate* having someone in my mirrors, so if I see a bike closing (even from a distance) I make sure I'm prepared to give them a way past. I generally move over to the left of the lane (after a head check to make sure I haven't missed any other riders) and then stick my right leg out to let them know I'm comfortable and they can get through cleanly and safely.

    :D :D :D
  14. i use to options ,
    1. flash my blinker once on the side that i want them to take me
    and move over so they get the drift

    2. i stick my leg out on the side (generally right side) to say take me on this side .
    a lot of older riders know this but younger riders dont .

    this only really works for bikes as cars dont know about the leg , the reason for the leg as you dont have to take your hand of the throttle

    for cars , i try and point or wave
  15. Using only the middle finger? :D
  16. Why are cars overtaking you, shouldn't that be the other way round?

  17. ambo's , police cars , paramedics , grannys on scooters :LOL: