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Passing on the left ....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Grey Gentry, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. I haven't had this type of incident happen before.
    Well..we all know it's not legal, but ok then someone is turning right...but it still can be dangerous.

    Following a fellow rider home through town yesterday, he was turning right at an (no lights) intersection, and indicated to do so. The lights at the next intersection were red, so I thought there was no point in passing, so I just slowed a little to allow him to turn.

    As he turned, I headchecked to the left, a car appeared about 1/2 metre away, in my lane on my left, and passed me. I spoke to the driver later, and he assumed that both of us were turning right. I did say that I had not indicated, and he agreed with that.
    Now they assume that your turning with no indicator. WTF

    He had just followed us, 5k sticking to the speed limits, from NSW to Vic over the bridge at Mildura. Maybe he was late, but he still had to stop at the redlights.

    Had I decided to overtake my mate on the left, I possibly could have run into a spot of bother.

    Headchecks don't forget them.

    Take care out there.
  2. Key word - assume - hate that word with a passion. Another case of a headcheck being a potential life-saver. Maybe the fact that you braked a tad made him think he was okay to go ahead.
  3. G'day everyone,.........

    Thanks for that reminder!

    Dr Who?
  4. Actually, it is legal to pass on the left of a right turning vehical while sharing a lane.

    I would guess that the car assumed both bikes we're traveling together. Given that you slowed down with the other bike when going past shouldn't have been a problem, it's not surprising the car thought you were turning. :)

    The car was technically in the wrong because you didn't have an indicator on. However, given the rarity with which many people actualy use indicators and the behaviour of the bikes at the time, it would have been easy to mis-read the situation so I wouldn't be to hard on him. :)
  5. I'm just glad I didn't move left without that headcheck. :roll:
  6. This is the guts of the problem...
    People seriosly have NFI when it comes to indicating.
    No one indicates to teh point where people will/can assume that you are turning or lane changing without indication.
    It has become the norm not to indicate instead of the anomaly.
    On the roads I have to real hates.
    Faliure to indicate and tailgating.
  7. yesssss, tailgating makes me perfom road rage.

    failure to indicate just annoys me, and generates complacency about indicating across the board.

    very naughty
  8. I agree. I heard once that Assumption is the mother of all f**kups

    Although I assume that a large number cagers are useless and are out to kill me.
  9. Problem is people get in there cars and think they are in there own little world screw every one else, they should change the lince test for p's and make people do defence driving course instead of three point turn and bloody reverse parking. And in vic you have to log 300 hours (i think that is the number) 30 with an instructor and 270 with your parents or however how says they no how to drive Christ my dad just got his licence by giving his local cop a beer(he did get his licence 60 years ago) My thereoy is the need to change they way people think about how they drive
  10. I'm also used to people indicating only after they have changed lanes, or turned a corner. I've seen plenty of bike riders do this too.
  11. Had something similar and equally scary happen to me early one morning.

    Sitting in the left hand lane of two, about three cars from the red light (and in a long line of cars)at the start of the Wakehurst Parkway at Narrabeen.
    On my left was a painted out median area just before the lights that I usually split into. ( I should have been there as it turned out)

    As the traffic moved off, I was in the centre of my lane doing about 30 k/hr and all of a sudden a car was passing me on my left IN MY LANE!!

    I didn't notice him (or expect anyone) and he was not one of the two cars directly behind me.He must of "left split" at least those cars and the first I knew was when he was passing about six inches away from my left hand !!!! He probably couldn't see me from back there and thought where I was, there was a space (stupid pr@#k)!!!!

    Needless to say I SH@T myself immeadiatly and was furious and hassled him all the way up the Parkway and the little sh@t wouldn't even acknowledge me, the pr@#k! :furious:

    I didn't (and never will hopefully)engage road rage 'cause a mad driver can cause a great deal of damage to a bike and rider, but left him behind and away from me when the lanes went two up again.

    It still makes me shiver just thinking what could have been if I wandered in MY lane and it is an experience I never want repeated.

    I suppose you have to be aware of whats happening behind you at all times..................but sheeeez!