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Passing on the disease

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I spent most of the day in Sydney with my son-in-law buying motorcycle gear, and when we got home, another hour riding round the block and sidestreets.....

    Yes, he's caught the disease and bought a bike. He says he rode a scooter once, in Greece, but without a doubt I've been the primary influence in this purchase, (although I have neither encouraged nor discouraged him, just helped him with information.)

    So, have you influenced anyone, either passively or actively, to get on two wheels? Have you passed on the disease :LOL:???
  2. Good for you Hornet.

    Funnily enough I think that I've actually dissuaded a few people I know to take up riding. My girlfriend etc... It makes no sense and is completely hypocritical. Anyway.
  3. This is one disease I don't mind passing on!! :p

    Friends, family and work colleagues always ask about the bike and how things are going... so hopefully I will pass this awful, addictive disease onto others!! :D

    .... Why should I have to suffer while others live boring, bikeless lives!!...:grin:
  4. Mrs 2wheelsagain caught it off me and my 14yr old daughter cant wait to get a bike.
  5. it was passed to me by an uncle when i was 4 yrs old. i saw him ride up on his 1970s yamaha. i thought it was the coolest thing i ever saw. so i started riding as soon as i could get my L's. now my nephew likes to climb on my bike when i visit him! :LOL:
  6. Yep I got the wifey onto a bike, sister, and a couple of friends have now gone the scooter route !!!! oh well , not my fault ! ;)
  7. I take the youngest on some rides, and the look in his eyes confirms he has caught the disease
  8. Oldest son recently sat his L's and motors around Adelaide on his Sachs Madass.

    Now his mates are doing the same.......contagious disease this bike riding.
  9. yeah i think i got a mate into it, his dad already owned a harley, but it was after me pestering and pestering him that he got his L's and a bike + gear. lol, now he loves it. :)
  10. Now heres a question for all you fathers whos kids are about to take up riding, did it ever cross your mind, thinking that its dangerous and would rather not see him/her on 1? lol

    cause we all know how stupid we can sometime be on a bike :)

  11. Absolutely. We talk about our motorcycle experiences, both good and not so good often. I'm especially concerned about his safety as most of his riding is in city traffic. I also encourage him to read and keep reading about motorcycle safety and safe riding techniques.
    And besides that, SWMBO reminds me EVERY time I leave the house with my bike keys in hand....:-w
  12. I passed on the disease to my father in-law, he bought his first bike a couple of months ago. One of my mates at work is "sold pending funds" but I'm having trouble with bringing the Mrs. to the drak side...but then again its not so bad keeping it to myself
  13. definitely given people the sniffles, but its yet to become something more. it will.
  14. I am working steadily on a guy I work with. I foudn his weakness; Cafe Racers.
    He is booking in for his L's in the next month or so.
  15. Goodwork, thats what we like to see...
  16. Its a difficult thing, whilst I'd like to get as many of my friends as possible to ride, there is the element of.. I dont want to be the person who got them into riding and them have an accident later on. My dad used to ride 40+ years ago and he rode my first and second bike home after I bought them (no license and then no full license being why I wasn't riding them) and took him up to the old road when I had both the blade and SV, gave him a go on the blade on a straighter section.

    Problem is I feel completely responsible for his riding so I end up spending the whole time looking in my mirrors to make sure he's ok. :tantrum:

    I also got my best mate the Pre-Ls course for a birthday present but he epic FAILED it and didn't come out if it with a massive obsession like I did, so I doubt he'll be getting a bike any time soon.
  17. good stuff. Just under 3 months of age my daughter is and I'm deciding when to introduce her to 2 wheels already (in the mind only of course!) Can't wait til we go riding together, especially if we move down to our "out of the way" property I got not too long ago. Lots of low traffic area roads + farm area :)
  18. The best reason to get your other half into riding? You don't have to sell your bike when you upgrade! I liked my 600 Hornet sooooo much that I've leased it to my sister, my other half will have it back once her license is made "full" in February!
  19. My son started riding because I encouraged him. He's had two stabs at his licence but hasn't followed through yet. Like most young blokes he gets distratced easily.
  20. One of the Boys at work is booked in for early Jan for his Pre L.

    He blames me and another mate from work that rides. That's cool, we can live with that ;).

    :DHow cool is it being an Uncle? I'm the same.

    I can't wait till my Sons are old enough to get on the back.
    At the Sydney Bike Show I was told the Legal limit is "eight, or at least when he's old enough to say he's eight".