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Passing a bike for LAMS

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hicksey11, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Hi Peoples.

    Just wondering what peoples opinions are on the following question.

    Can you get a derestricted bike past as a LAMS bike. I know there are threads about people getting CBR's and R6's through, but knowing my luck if I bought one of them I'd have to sell it again cause it wouldn't pass for obvious reasons. But just say I bought a derestricted Hyosung GT650 and tried to pass it as a LAMS bike do you think it would pass. If no-one knew it was derestricted except me no-one would be the wiser.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. I doubt people will tell you to break the law. Can't wait the year?
  3. I spose I just want something with a bit more get up and go than my ZZR. Although I could go and get it tuned up a bit. Might makea bit of a difference.
    I also want to wipe the smug look off my friends face with his CBR250RR.


  4. If it's not a rude question, how does a 17 year old get to own three classic cars :LOL:???
  5. if you de restrict it without telling the rta i doubt anyone would notice, but if your in an accident, if the insurance company notices you might not be covered since you are not licenced for that vehicle
  6. when those bikes are legally derestricted, there is alot of paperwork sent around the place to let everyone know that the vehicle is no longer LAMS approved

    if you do it off the books, insurance, police you name it will want an hour or two with your date
  7. Its not rude mate.
    My Dad passed away last year. They were his cars. People keep asking me if I'm going to ever sell them or not and I think everyone would know the answer to that. NO.

  8. Great memorabilia for you, I can understand you not wanting to sell them, for more than one reason :)
  9. put a supercharger, a turbocharger, and if thats not enough...... a fully sic nitrous system as well on your lams bike

    or you could save your cash, save your licence and simply do your time learning to ride your LAMS bike properly.

    SHEESH .......... :roll:

  10. Use the rest of your time to learn how to ride the bike you have, going fast isnt what L plates are for, its there for you to learn how to handle YOUR bike before you step up and play with the big boys.

    spend more time riding corners without your mate and next time you both go for a run, impress the hell out of him in CORNERS. even better take him thru a corner. You ont need 150 HP to turn a corner...

    horsepower without knowledge will only get you killed.
  11. Sorry about your old man mate,
    but if you can...why not?

    even if insurance can argue, cant you argue its not your fault because Vicroads approved so its legal!
  12. Ever tried to argue with an insurance company Tonee ?? believe me you wont get very far.

    The insurance company would have 2 good arguments both of which they will win in court.

    1) the bike was modified and the insurance company was not notified therefore the insurance risk assesment had had changed so 'NO INSURANCE FOR YOU' (said in best soup nazi voice)

    2) the modification put the bike outside of the LAMS guidelines therefore you would be riding it illegally. unlicenced to ride the bike equals 'NO INSURANCE FOR YOU' (again in best soup nazi voice)

    But in addition to insurance.

    If you have an accident and IF you got caught, then you would have no TAC cover, be liable for any damage you caused and if god forbid someone else died, you would probably be charged with something like 'vehicular manslaughter' and your would most likely go to jail for a long time.

    Both your sphincter and your finances would probably never recover.

    Its just not worth it for few extra hp

    my 2c

  13. +1, i think you said it all oz.
  14. If you were to get it by Vicroads and have it registered as a LAMS bike....

    Being 17 (which qualifies as stupid, though I mean that in the nicest possible way) and inexperienced you have to consider the results of a crash.... because if you go ahead with the plan you will crash the bike given the above reasons.

    Your insurance co will look at the bike and find that it does not meet LAMS criteria. With that they will leave you to pay your own costs, so if you happen to hit a 200k bmw then that's going to hurt (hell even replacing a street sign or bus stop is expensive). They will probably also inform Vicroads and you will cop whatever penalties apply for riding outside your restrictions and registering a vehicle using false documents (that were filled in and signed by you).

    The other more than likely situation..., some wanker collects you without looking then tells their insurance co it was your fault (happens all the time). You'll be bent over and royally screwed. Even if you can prove that the other vehicles actions caused the accident, being outside your restrictions on an impropperly registered bike would put you in far deeper shit than you can stand without swallowing some. :)
  15. Listen to some of the wise words on here. Man up and just take your restriction period. The risks far outweigh the extra bit of power you will get, especially when you consider you can avoid all that risk, and get a powerful bike soon enough anyway. Imagine if you got caught by the cops. You wont be riding any bike at all. You'll want your ZZR back.

    When I was 17 I would've had the same idea as you, but as I get older I slowly realise that not all the ideas I had at 17 were good ones.

    Like has already been said, learn how to corner better than your mate with the CBR. Scrape your toes and pegs through every corner and watch the smug look transfer from his face to yours.