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Passenger footpegs for RS125

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kriZy, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. hi guys,

    when i bought my rs125 it didn't come with passenger footpegs.

    I was wondering if you can use aftermarket brands to bolt on to your bike?

    I went into bikebiz yesterday and asked the same question and they said no.
    They gave me a quote on genuine aprilia ones and they cost $300

    I think that's way too expensive..
  2. Ask yourself this... Do you really want a pillion on a 125... Granted it's a 2-stroke but seriously.
  3. i've gotten my gf from Parra, through the Nasho, into Bundeena for a swim on my RS125.
    and i now know how CBR125 owners feel...

    the RS125 has never been about logical function. i say ditch the pillion, if new changes to CTP come through it could halve your premium having a single-seat bike
  4. i got some of a 07 rs125 if your interested
  5. well im currently on my red ps
    and will be getting my greens in 6 months and i'll be able to double.

    currently live with my girlfriend and need to commute around for easy parking. The places im regurlarly at have no parking anywhere and the only way to get a parking spot is to use a bike. So i want to have passenger footpegs ready for this.