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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tehwinxor, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. well that was learners ... :)

  2. Next!!

    Congratulations. Now ride... a lot.
  3. an then ride some more!!
  4. and then ride again some more for good measure ;)

    congrats on your L's. I know exactly how you feel, having just passed my L's test a couple of weeks ago myself :D
  5. I made the mistake of being too cautious after I got my Ls, and I didn't ride enough; hence my post. It wasn't until my sister and her partner took me out on a long(er) ride that I had the confidence to go out "properly" by myself.

    Ride carefully; stay safe; enjoy!
  6. hehe, I still feel cheeky for just posting such a short post .. but I was supppppppppperrrrrrrrrrrr excited ! :)

    Still am.

    Planning plenty of riding .. plan is to fully wring everything I can from my ninja before I go upgrade happy. But I was feeling stressed out about passing license test, so booked in to get it over with.

    Now there's no worrying about passing an arbitrary exam, it's just about becoming a better rider at my own pace.

  7. well done! Stay upright, stay safe, HAVE FUN!
  8. congrats!