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Passed the new MGLS test

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spec, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. Gave the test this Sunday on my own bike - Ninja 650.

    It was 15 mins on a closed course - exercises were:
    1. Ride around in a large ellipse with 4 turns, on the straight between 1 set of turns there are 2 painted lines to indicate a tram/train track - bike must be upright while going over these. Bike should maintain 20kph minimum during the loops
    2. Quick stop - after coming out of the turn, speed between 20-25, hold the front brake only and stop before the markings finish on the road. The markings were numbered 3 through to 6. I stopped most times between 3&4 - track was bone dry...
    3. Stop on a straight with the front tyre within a marked yellow box, indicate, head check and proceed to turn left between a set of 2 lines

    Next session was on the roads - approx 30 mins. in 4 short stages. No negative points for failing to navigate/forgetting any turns. Route had max 2 or 3 turns, mostly at T junctions making it easy.
    Instructor was looking for head checks & lane position as the 2 most important safety checks.

    I cleared the test with no negative markings on the test sheet :)

    Came back home from the test and lane filtered on most intersections where I had enough space... lol

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  2. Congratulations on passing mate, good to get information on the new testing regime too. I was one of the last on the old regime.
  3. yeah
    great stuff mate
  4. Congrats : )

    Thinking of doing any additional courses ?. Personally I'd love to get on the track.
  5. Congrats :)
  6. Thanks guys...

    I was planning to go to CSS or just track days - maybe a bit later though. Will continue riding most weekends though to build up some skills.
  7. Excellent. Now the learning really begins.
  8. Congrats on passing!
  9. Hey, what MGLS test is? Is it VIC only thing?
  10. yeah, it's the new licencing test for VIC.
    2 days of mandatory classroom + closed course training + 20min road ride for passing L.
    Then a 1/2 day check ride which should be 2 months after L test.
    Finally the licence test which must be at least 1 month after the check ride.
    Then you're on to restrictions for 3 years and depending on your car licence you either put the 'P' plate or not.
    After 3 years you get a full licence.
  11. That make sense, much better than NSW pre-learner rider training nonsense!
  12. Congrats on passing specspec. (y)
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  13. "That make sense, much better than NSW pre-learner rider training nonsense!"
    Dunno why you'd think that the NSW scheme is nonsense?
  14. Explain........
  15. Head checks I can understand but what exactly was he looking for in 'lane position'?
  16. Lane position is to check if you're riding in the safest possible location within your lane at any point in time based on the conditions of the road, traffic, parked cars or pedestrians etc.
    As an example, if you've got 2 lanes available assuming that there is no median dividing the lanes in the opposite direction and no one is coming from the opposite direction the rider should be in the middle of the right lane - if opposing traffic is nearing, then switch to left track of right lane.
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  17. Yep, got that, thanks! :)
  18. Sounds a bit arbitrary, I often switch lanes or position based on driver behaviour rather than a car's mere presence. Sometimes I even switch between positions to alert following drivers(my theory being my tail light moving across their field of view brings attention to it). The safest possible location is not the furthest away from other traffic, it's where you're seen or making yourself seen. But as usual the legislators have made their job easy and the testing/course not really applicable to real world situations.
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  19. restrictions for 3 years? thats brutal!
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  20. Just an example - they go through various scenarios in the class room session - but obviously not absolutely every single one.
    Another one they went through was to check for drivers not indicating before changing lanes - try to read the car behaviour to check for signs.
    Again - they're usually not very critical, just measure that the rider has safety at the top of their list - I think the car tests I've given are always a bit more critical.