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Passed Q-Ride Yesterday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Geoffrius, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Passed Q-Ride yesterday - my 3 days training went something like this:

    6th August - New rider training (I'd never ridden a motor bike before!) just to get the basics covered on braking, changing gears, turning, slalom, figure 8's etc.

    14th August - Did day 2 of the new rider training - more focus on figure 8's, cornering, slalom, hazard avoidance. Did the road ride assessment but just lacked confidence - i.e. I just kept thinking the bike would fall over when I was cornering which would cause me brake, bring the bike up and then take the corners too wide.

    20th August - Did another days training and felt much more comfortable on the bike. No issues cornering - nice tight turns, figure 8's were good, slalom was good, hazard avoidance good, e-braking good etc. Went up the Ipswich motorway - was blowing a gale but I kept it together and just enjoyed the ride.

    Once I relaxed and stopped the death grip (i.e. held on with the knees / legs / feet) and just 'rested' my hands on the grips - things went a lot smoother. To keep 'relaxed' I would flap my arms up and down a bit (must've looked like a real dill) and tell myself to loosen up.

    Now to get a bike (thinking CB400, VT400 or XVS650) - 'cos that's when the real learning starts!


  2. Excellent and well done!!! When you get your bike we'll go for a ride. First time on the Ipswich Motorway and doing 90Kph is interesting - epecially revving the guts out of the learner bikes.

    Good luck with the hunt for 2 wheels...
  3. congrats,
    Your bike list was same as my when I pass in May lol,
    ending up going with CB400 cos don't think i am ready for a big 200kg+ cruiser yet,
    but anyway have fun riding and be safe ^^
  4. Congrats mate.
    Haha your list is pretty much the same as mine, apart from a gs500. I went and test rode all the bikes on my list and a few others as well, namely the 250r. Ended up going with a cb400. Just found that I wasn't as confident on the cruisers at the time due to the weight.

    Good luck on your test riding experience.
  5. Have officially been into Qld Transport today to get the RE license - so I'm officially in the market for a bike. Helloooo test rides!

    Thanks to all your feedback & comments !