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Passed Q-Ride today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Passed my Q-ride today! R license.

    As part of the test we went on the motorway, scared the crap out of me, I guess 100kmh is going to take a bit of getting used to.

    Still feel like a noob, first place I parked at a shop was on a slope, so being a genius I parked nose in and cars ended up parking next to me, so I had to spastically turn the bike around, dispelling any illusion I was of the fonze ilk.

    Filled up at BP, managed to leave a glove in the shop

    Finally retrieved my glove, got myself ready to go, got on the bike.....doh keys in my jeans.....get off the bike.....take off my glove....get the keys... put them in the ignition put the glove back on....*sigh

    Was making a right turn at the lights from the left lane, but had to take the first left, was taking it easy but I can't believe someone actually tried to get up the inside because I was moving over in my own time and was obviously not quick enough for them. I'm quickly realising that there is alot for getting away and creating your own space, I actually felt better once I was staying ahead as it felt more on my terms.

    I had the odd car that would let me in, or give me room, but for the most part I was just in the way. I now treat all cars as bloody evil boxes of doom. :twisted:

    So if you see a gpx-250 with a noob rider in the Brisbane city area, give me a wave (after you've stopped laughing). :p
  2. Well done and congrats :)
  3. Great report, and it's good that you have kept your sense of humour; you're going to need it in large amounts. Congrats on the milestone, and keep us posted on your progress!!
  4. hey mate
    i only jsut passed qride the other week, i only got re licence tho :( and also ride a gpx250 in brissie woohoo, lol

    on my test while leading i took a wrong turn, lol, and so had to travel ages on my own on the highway and i thought it felt way better to jsut cruise than have to stop/start in a built up area :p

    cya round maybe

    ps. if you are around the camira/springfield area and have a black gpx i have seen you around, lol
  5. Good work :beer:
  6. Well done. Don't think you are the only one who leaves keys in jeans, I do that all the time
  7. yer bout 2 -4 days.. after that 100kms/h is nothing
  8. Well done.

    I've only been riding for the last couple months, and know what you mean about 100kms for the first time, but after a few times at it and once you have gotten used to the bike in traffic at lower speeds doing a 100 doesn't feel the intimidating anymore on a freeway that is.

    Oh yeah and the whole putting gloves on to than realise that you have left ignition key in you jeans, done it plenty of times for the week or two of having my bike.

    Also in the brizzy area on the southside around springwood on a Suzuki Across 250 red one.
  9. well done dude.. Ive had my R since last october and still hop on the bike with gloves on with my key in my pocket.. I dont think I will ever stop doing it.

    I went from a scooter to doing the q-ride on a honda 400 I wore my open face helmet for the day, and when we did the 100km/h stretch (my first time ever to 100 on two wheels) my helmet became a parachute and tried to rip my head off.. I was laughing liking a maniac the whole stretch...
  10. Well done :) I kept forgetting to put my earplugs on. And have done the keys in pocket thing a few times too :)