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Passed Q-Ride last weekend

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by tallstreak, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    Sorry this has taken me a while to post. A mate and I booked into do our Q-Ride last weekend through Pro Honda in Brisbane (Rocklea). With my limited experience, on the Saturday I did "new rider training", and came back on Sunday to attempt the Q-Ride competancies, and I passed!!!

    The trainers at Pro Honda were excellent (Peter & Shane). They are brutally honest, but helpful wrt your abilities and reducing your risks on the road.

    For anyone thinking about going for your Q-Ride assesment, and like to be prepared, I found this document which explains in detail the competency assesment - so no suprises on the day (I don't think it has been posted here already:


    Now its time to practice...heaps - I am considering it my license to learn!
  2. Well done mate.

    Yes, the instructors were definitely brutal with their feedback - but I'd rather get it straight ("You're doing X wrong") rather than have it sugar coated!!

    I 2nd the recommendation for Pro Honda - good crew, upfront, honest and savvy instructors.

  3. Congrats to ur pass mate!! I too pass not that long ago just couldnt have enough of riding even though I do 70km of riding everyday to work it's still excitement each time I jump on it!!! :) have fun n be safe
  4. well done !
  5. hey we should catch up and go for a ride
  6. I did mine there just last week! We had Peter and Scott for ours, totally agree with the brutally honest part but it was quite helpful. They used the 'licence to learn' line on us too. I threw myself in the deep end though by attempting the assessment in one day without any training, managed to pass but just barely!

    Congrats on passing my friend, definitely an awesome feeling :D Hope to see you out on the roads soon.
  7. nice work... congrats on passing on your 1st day.