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Passed P's today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Scottatron, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. Hello All,

    Just a quick one, I passed my P's course at HART Tullamarine today......the day started out typically windy/raining, but it cleared up nicely for the afternoon :)

    My "score" (Max of 40 points LOST), was 15 - which I am quite happy with.

    Now, the countdown begins until restrictions come off...but at least I have taken down that F@#O@*# L Plate :LOL:

  2. congrats scottatron
  3. Congrat's Scottatron!!!
  4. Woohoo...good score - awesome news....only 12 months til the upgrade :grin:
  5. Yay! Now wear your Participates in drag-racesPlate with pride!
  6. Nope, cos I have a full car license I don't have to display a P-Plate!

    And, yes, 12 months until restrictions...............of course I will not upgrade early ;)
  7. Well done, no more L plates for you! How many people did the test? Anyone fall off or fail? How did the CB250 treat you?

    15 is a darn good score considering the people who did it with me were getting in the low 30s. I actually got a score of 10 so I'm happy! I don't think its possible to go through the test and get zero points deducted.
  8. I know.

    Wear the plate anyway.
    More people will have a go :grin:
  9. Congratulations.

    I've just booked to do mine - and thinking about how ridiculous the test is.

    Oh well....well done to you!
  10. congrats scottatron!

    good luck lisa
  11. Now you can't wait to get off them....... like me! :LOL:
  12. Congrats dude!

    Did ya feel like [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. congrats and safe riding.
  14. Good work son. [​IMG]

  15. i remember when i had mine. the instructor asked me the ques and that and asked me how i ride. i aced it. he was abit cut cause i was doing wheelies behind his back when he could not see but he caught me. haahah still passed..

  16. Rightio then..... :roll:

    To everyone else, thanks :)
  17. Seriously what bike did you do it on and at what school?