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Passed Ps today(31/8), Newcastle

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tim 650, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. after 8 months on Ls, and 0ver 20,000km on the new bike, I finally did my Ps test today and passed with ZERO points(perfect), 4 out of 6 in the group passed, one failing for not doing headchecks(albeit with a faultless ride) and another failing after dropping the bike whilst manouvering to the next section of the test.

    I went last and was getting more and more nervous by the minute, and then blitzed it!!!

    The V-Stars long wheel base had me worried about the small turns but the biggest problem arose after I was knocking over cones with the saddle bags!! which meant i had to turn wider again!! In the stopping test I was doing 32km/h (supposed to be 20-25) but managed to pull it up within the normal mark with the smallest amount of front wheel lock up right at the end.

    I was so relieved to pass, and happy that there is NO MORE TESTS!!!



    DONT FORGET YOUR HEAD CHECKS!!! for the test at least......
  2. Hey congrats...

    Enjoy your extra 10km/h :)

    Why didn't you simply take the saddle bags off?
    I did exactly the same thing in the emergency braking bit- went way over the recommended speed, but slammed on the brakes hard and easily passed.

    Head checks are absolutely vital on the road, but you do feel like a bit of a nob doing them on the closed test grounds... But what kind of person forgets them 3 times in the test? Our instructor told us if someone misses one, that the rest of us are allowed to shout at them to not be so dumb.
  3. Hey tim, I was at Adamstown doing my L's today, did you see me? Tall guy with black hair, driving the Silvia with the friend

    Grats anyway!
  4. I couldn't say I did C U huzey, but there was a few people there. Did U pass or is it still 2 days?

    to get the saddle bags off means undoing the bags themselves as well as the saddle bag supports and the sissy bar, and as the problem arose while doing the test, I just had to put up with it!! Makes me feel even better that I done so well!!!

  5. hey man.. congrats.. i did mine last weekend too.. great stuff.

    i thought the exact same thing when i did it.. NO MORE TESTS ahahah
  6. well done mate
    the whole things a bit of a beat up at the end of the day eh?
    feels good to get rid of the bloody L plate though. its worse than a "please tailgate me, cut me off and anything you can think of" sign :?
  7. Congrats Tim.
  8. You dirty bastard didnt even know you were goin for em today. I knew ya had it planned.

    Oh well must go for a ride to celebrate.

    Steve is keen for a run to pie in the sky on saddy headin off around 930 i think.
    Brad (cbr) might be comin too as might cat i think.

    Not sure if im gonna be able tomake it but going to try hard

    Well done mate.
  9. Now all you need to do is come join us on Sunday for the Blue Mountains ride!

    You might have to get up a little early, but it would worth it!
  10. Congrats mate! Passed my P's at adamstown last year.......great blokes they are there!
  11. Well done mate so only another 12 months and you can start putting k's on your new 600 or litre bike.
  12. HELL YES ....mmmm ... Triumph Daytona 675 in Scorched Yellow...mmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!
  13. Just keep ya red one. Bloody picky man u r

  14. I like where you're at, but its gotta be one of the black 2007 models :p.
  15. Well Done Timbo, each ride I have done with you you seemed so Nervous on the bike glad you contained all your fears and passed the test ummmmm did you passing the test have anything to do with you butting your front tyre up to a gutter and warming your back tyre up? hmmmm I am sure the instructor would have passed you if he witnessed this little demonstration of skill .... again well done mate !!!!
  16. Congrats on passing the test Tim.
    Perfect score too!!! :grin:
  17. well done tim!!!! good to be off those L plates of what???

    Congratulations.....celebration ride soon???

    Take it easy Tim :beer: . catch up soon!

    Cat :grin:
  18. Congrats, Tim, well done. Your confidence will be high, but still be careful....
  19. thank you to everyone for the nice messages, and thanx especially to the boys and girls of the 'NEWY NETRIDERS' for the on road experience, of all levels and conditions. I suppose I will see some of you tomorrow if you are going riding( there is a ride planned, but maybe cause of 'site' problems, it has not been posted. "twin Shell servo's, Wallsend, 9.30am saturday, to the pie in the sky, old road hawksbury" I will be there)

  20. I will; be already on the old pacific highway with my gay brothers at 9am so may pass you all on the way back to newy take it easy guys going for an early run to beat traffic and radars? watch out for me I will probablky be on your side of the road ....or still eating pies .....