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Passed P's test!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Pommie, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Booyah!

    Passed P's test today on the trusty old CBR250R. Thank god I splurged and bought wet weather pants and a jacket. I would have been seriously wet if I hadn't... Wasn't actually as bad as I thought it as going to be. Didn't enjoy the drive there though in the early morning rain fest. Was bloody cold.

    All the practices went really well, all my initial fears about doing the test on a sports bike weren't warranted. Granted you have more control on lets say a postie bike. I found the hardest bit the cone weave. But even that was sweet-as after the first couple of goes.

    Then of course we get to the actual test... I dropped my foot not once, but TWICE at the end of the U-turn in quick succession. Couldn't believe it! Everything else went ok. Then I ride over to him at the end. He said I made 3 mistakes. Apparently the first bloody turn left in between the yellow lines, the easiest part of the test, I cut through the inner yellow line?! Couldn't believe it. Quote from the instructor after telling me this, "you were really pushing the friendship after that..." :D

    Felt good to hear I'd passed, rode straight over to the group (I was first) had a quick chat, then rode my sorry drenched ass over the cover and had a nice smoko with a warm cup of tea. Now only 12 months to go......
  2. Well done. All that worry for nothing. :grin: :grin:

    The next twelve months are about fine tuning your skils for the step up.
  3. Hey my hard earned $140 was a significant contributer to my overall worry! :)

    A branch nearly brought me down when we were pulling up for a brief stop on the open road ride bit. Not good!

    But yeah, 12 months to prep for the move up.
  4. gratz mate i got to do it on my zx2r :-O
  5. well done dood!
  6. great job passing ur p's mate, 12 months will pass like a breeze :grin: what bike u planning to get once ur off restrictions?
  7. I'm also worried about the U - turn and trying to keep my foot up as well...

    Is it better to go fast through the cones and shift your weight quickly or is it better to go slow and NoOb it round without trying to stack it...

    The bike <---- likes being thrown around in comparison to going slow where I need to feather the clutch like crazy... Due to the lack of torque at low revs...(2stroker)..

    Any tips.. anyone else dun their P's test on an NSR150SP....??
  8. Idle tuner it to higher revs or have 1/3rd of the choke on :D less chance of the bike stalling
  9. hahahahahaa :LOL:

    I'll pass...

    The NSR goes to 3k on full choke.. even on that if i let the clutch out it'd stall :p

    So much for boy racerbikes.... I'll just have to develop some nahd eey coordination.

    Nearly fried the clutch just then...pheew! :grin:


    Dont try to move off the lights with your revs at 7k+ smells like sumthins burnin. Ease it to 6k and then give it a good BLAST!!! :cool: