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Passed P's test today

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sitting Bull, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Rippa, goodbye L plates. Today's a big day forward in the long journey to full licence and that dream bike. Having a 15yo scotch to celebrate. Yeeehhaaa
    Instructor was a top bloke. There was only 4 of us showed up and we all passed. Surprisingly I was the only one with my own bike. My only disappointment was stuffing the u-turn in the MOST. I'd nearly worn the GS out practising it and had it down pat. Did it a hundred times without a problem and got it every time practising it today, the only time I had to stuff it would have to be in the actual test, nerves got the better of me. Glad I got everything else spot on which got me through. Yeeehaaa.

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  2. Go you! Well done, it's good to get rid of the L plate isn't it.
  3. Congrats your on the way! what is the dream bike??
  4. Congrats. Good choice of liquor to celebrate.
    Don't go for a ride until that Scotch is well out of your system. I'd either ride with none or have more of that Scotch.
    Seems many are overly concerned about the U-Turn. You can mess it, lose pts and still pass.
    Enjoy your riding.
  5. Congrats :applause: Good on you
  6. No more riding today, I've already done my victory ride and it felt awesome. Another scotch is on the cards but I'll make sure I can still ride tomorrow.
    Dream bike, well I don't have a definite bike but it could well be a Ducati or a HD, preferably both. My taste in bikes is still developing as my knowledge grows and I find it hard to limit myself with all the great bikes out there to choose from. I'd also love to have an old Indian in the shed to ride once in a blue moon.
  7. Congratulations on passing the test.
  8. Well done Chief, enjoy the firewater you've earnt it,
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  9. Congrats mate :dance:
    I remember practicing the U turn over and over again, such a great feeling when you pass.
  10. Well done, enjoy burning the L plates.
  11. Couldn't agree more, would love an old indian to ride, but wouldn't keep it in the shed:p

    Congrats on the Ps, how long you have to have them, and what restrictions. Having a full car licence here in Vic I didn't have to have Ps just 12 months zero BAC, no pillion and LAMs for 12 months, then unrestricted

    P.S Glad I put Tassie off until March...the weather and fires of late are not good, hope you're well away from them
  12. Congrats Two Dogs :)
    Now you have the opportunity to ride some of the best roads in the country, whenever you want...
  13. Thanks,
    P1 for 12 months, pending a restart offence
    P2 for 12 months, no restriction on bike, full speed limit, can take a pillion and don't have to display plates

    I'm away from the fires but my fishing trip to the lakes is off.
    It's looking like conditions will be favourable for more fires to come but that's all part of an Ozzy summer I guess.
  14. wd especially at your age , - avatar pic
  15. Went and paid for my P1's at Service Tas today and the lady behind the counter tells me that the provisional status now applies to my whole licence including motor vehicle, I get to accumulate 4 demerit points before losing both my car and bike licence and 10kms over the limit is a restart offence even if I incur it in the car.....WTF
    I get home and thinks, this can't be right but can't find anything on the transport tas website.
    I ringem at transport.
    The lady says it's a grey area, puts me on hold to find out for me.
    She returns with the news that I can accumulate 12 demerit points which counts for both bike and car, lose one lose the both. All restart offences count regardless of vehicle so if I get done 10kms over the limit in the car I have to start again on P1 for the bike.
    Pays to check where you stand with this by the looks of it.
  16. Really weird. Does 4 points while using the bike licenses count at all?
    In NSW it would be a total of 13 = lose both. Lose 4 on an L bike or 7 on Peter bike "while using that license category" and you lose the bike only.
  17. Apparently not, 12 demerits accumulated regardless of the vehicle and lose both licences.[DOUBLEPOST=1357559231,1357541214][/DOUBLEPOST]
    I'm thinking I still haven't got the whole picture here, still doesn't seem right. I'll have to ring'em again I reckon.