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Passed P's test on a cruiser...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by FirstOnTheWall, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Hey hey,

    Passed my P's yesterday on my Intruder despite a lot of people telling me it's impossible and I should just hire one of Stay upright's "smaller, easier to handle" bikes.
    Anyway just wanted to let those Learner's out there know that it can be done on a Cruiser!

    But what do the say? Practice, practice, practice! I've been throwing Lil' Suzi around for the past couple of weeks to make sure I could handle the cone swerve etc for the MOST and was only worried that my saddlebags would clip one (thank god they didn't!) - so get used to your bike (trust her cause she knows what to do!) and good luck!



  2. its definitely doable, I passed mine on a 650.......................the hardest one would be doing it in a custom hyo 650 cruiser
  3. Good job.....I'll be attempting to do the same thing on a Yamaha XVS650 in 10 days....
  4. Was waiting for a quick ride day on Monday, couple of learners were going, so we met at a place with the MOST marked out. Managed to get my Harley around it without any problems. Not test conditions, but had everybody watching me do it. Had never tried it on the Harley, and haven't done it for about 6 months.

    When I did my P's test (real), one guy showed up on a Harley Fat Bob. Also a guy who did it on a Ducati.
  5. THAT'S confidence...leavin the saddlebags on!!!
  6. What's this MOST of which you speak ?
  7. When do you do that to get a learner or your full licence or ?

    It was different 20 years ago !
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    For Learners to pass before they get their Ps
  9. I passed mine with a perfect score on an Intruder 250.

    The only one out of the 5 of us with a cruiser, and only one not to get a point! It's definetly doable, cruiser or not. Just depends on how good your slow speed handling is!
  10. What do you guys think of my chances on going for my P's this sunday with a 2011 Ninja 250? Are they just as difficult as the Hyosung?
  11. Sit on a Hyo GV650 Aquila and ride it around for a bit.

    The hyo is a full size huge LAMS bike, your Ninja wouldnt have too much difficulty navigating the course, just do plenty of practice.
  12. Thanks! I have no idea where I'm going to get my hands on one of them before Sunday, but have been practicing. Nerves are kicking in for Sunday.
  13. I did it on my intruder, passed 100% easy as. The instructor said its a 250 course, leave the 650 at home.
  14. In WA we do the "RE" test on up to 250cc, and then the "R" test on a greater than 250. Same test for both. I did the RE test on a Yamaha Virago, esay. I then did the R test on my V-Star 1100. While it was a bit tighter in the turns, again it was fairly easy. But I had LOTS of practice.
  15. if a bike cant do the course then it shouldnt be a LAMS bike.
  16. I've seen it done on a Goldwing, an R1 and a GS1100.
    And yup some bikes are harder than others. But it can be done on any bike.
    For mine you should do it on what your going to be riding.
    If your doing Q ride or any of the counterparts. Then it is the onus of the instructor to teach you. To show you how it's done. To get you up to a license level.
    If your going to the RTA then yup your on your own and meant to be up to speed already.
    That's not what these courses are about and a lot of instructors are having easy days because of it.
    Guys they are there to teach you. The course is so easy. Use the prick and make him teach you. The theory is exactly the same.
    It's so much safer, cheaper and better to learn on your bike in a safe environment like a training range.
    Or have half an idea and go play in the traffic.
  17. R1 would be hard but damn I cant imagine doing it on a Goldwing...............dont those things come with reverse gears? That thing is pretty much the size of a small car with an engine to match.
  18. Seen it done on a Goldwing. The instructor on my P's did the slalom on his to prove a point. Although he did baulk at the U turn.

    I've tried to do the U turn on my wifes 750 monster, I call impossible. I can do it on the Bandit without a problem, but the 'steering lock' on the monster just let you turn the bike the tight.
  19. You would be surprised at how nimble a Goldwing can be in the right hands.
    I use to do it on my ZX636 and CBR100RR all the time. If not those then a VN800. They are the easiest to do it on. Really easy.