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Passed P's [NSW MOST test]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by darkster, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Just thought i would share my experience with you guys.....
    well my L's were due to expire in 3 days so i thought i should give the p's test a crack even though i've had a riding experience of max 15 hours. I did the test at the clyde stay upright centre and would just like to say that these guys are awesome in that i learnt many things from them and found that they were there to help and not out to get me...
    I used one of their bikes as i wasn't too confident with my nsr150 as iv'e heard the u-turns could be a pain on my bike...
    At the very start of the day we did a riding course which basically contained all the segments of the test and found this to be a confidence booster as i was running through the course successfully. After a few chats and on road riding we then had more practice for the test in which we all passed. I was very pleased with my group, no tossers and most of us recieved 100% in the test (including me :grin: ) no one failed though we did have people who had failed previously join us just for the test...
    Cheers guys

  2. Congrats :)

    Now for a year of a different kind of prejudice from cagers :)
  3. Congratulations. Now get out there and start showing them that it is more fun to be ON A BIKE than IN A CAGE.
  4. I never considered that...
    Hooligan bikerider + Hooligan P plate = Hooglian x2
    All them cagers are going to crash into ditches while trying to hold both their pinky fingers in the air.

    Grats btw... Dont let the P get to your head. After 15hrs you probably have lots to learn. You should come to the 4 ferries learners ride!
  5. Hi darkster.

    That is very similar to my experience down at Clyde a few weeks ago. I found it was a fairly draining day all up, having had no time on a bike since my L's , but the staff down there were great and very focused on sending riders out better and safer than they came in.
  6. when did you do your MOST test? I did mine @ Clyde on monday this week heh

    I passed no probs, except now my rear brake squeaks after cooking the rears on the gs500 slow riding all day :?
  7. I think this highlights how ridiculously easy the test is in NSW.

    Congrats for getting your P's by all means..... however

    you stated you've been riding for 15 hrs??? And now you can not ride again for the next 12 months and go and buy yourself any high powered bike.
    Now you are probably a sensible bloke and acknowledge your limits... but there are idiots out there who don't and are in the same position as you and could go and buy a bike that is too much for them and kill themselves and/or some innocent people as well.

    I really think they need to review the system as it is a bit of a joke in that respect.

    my $3.21 :grin:
  8. :applause: Welcome to the coolest club!

  9. Yeah i went on the wednesday..
    In regards to the test as a way of measuring one's skill i believe it to be quite poor. Like anyone could rock up and fluke the slow moving tests. I believe the intermediate and advanced courses should form part of the licensing scheme which i will most likey take up. They say most deaths on bikes occur at turns and its at these courses where u improve cornerning skills and more....
    my 2 bob
  10. Congrats on passing the test!

    Now the real learning begins...stay safe ;)

    I heard that they are going to make it harder next year to get your bike license - not sure what they'll be changing, but I agree that some more advanced courses/tests could be a good idea to introduce into the overall license program.

    I found the Ps test quite easy as it only tests basic bike control and slow speed turns etc, however the real test is roadcraft (for which there is a road ride but not comprehensive enough). In the UK I think they have a 40 minute solo test where an instructor follows you around, maybe they'll introduce something similar here...it would be nerve racking though!