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Passed P's? Check. Bought a bike? Check!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Unclextacy, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, this can also be my Hi! thread too. It just didn't feel right starting a new introduction thread without actually owning a bike or having done my pre-prov test.


    Ok, new that's out of the way...
    Well, the other day, I bought a bike. First, I'm over 30, and I've been on my L's for a few months. Tried a couple of bikes, kicked a few tyres, you know the drill. I'm married with two kids, so me buying a bike is already making me very unpopular with th missus, let alone buy something and then decide it's not my style. So anyway, I've settled on a Suzuki SV 650S. A lot of mates and confidaaaants were telling me I'll be well bored with a 250 in about 4 or 6 months time. And this particular bike I've found is already well tricked out, Yoshi pipe, Ohins suspension, even clear indicators and some carbon fibre bits. Oh and it's red. GORGEOUS red. Such a beautiful bike, I just wanna sit down in the garage and rub myself all over it. Wait, did I say that out loud?!

    Anyway, she's (I call her "Suzie") not a LAM, you see. And she certainly doesn't sound like one!! Well today I did my Pre-Prov test. As I'm over 30, I'll now go straight onto an unrestricted licence, that's because, I PASSED!!

    Big day, started out at 7.30am, and we must've practiced the test about 128324571230978 times.
    The funny thing is, when we finally got around to doing the test all 6 of us were nervous as hell. You have to do it all in front of everyone, and you've got to repeat "Yes I understand" after each direction. Pretty nerveracking. After the first two excercises, he's like, "You can breathe, you know!". Well I still got through, 100 percent. At the end he told me that my test was the worst I'd ridden all day!

    Personally I thought the test component was a bit crappy, you never ride faster than 25k's and it's all cone weaving and U turns. Great for learning bike control and stuff like that, but I honestly think practical roadcraft should be more the focus. I'm not sure how you'd safely test someone that sort of stuff out on the road, but well, what are you gonna do.

    We had a 2 rides throughout the day, which was great but again, both rides were exactly the same route. It would've been nice to say, do the first ride in quieter streets and the the second in heavier traffic, or out on the freeway perhaps. Nevermind, learnt a fair bit out there today, but nothing counts for real experiences of course. I guess if the test successfully achieves one thing, it's bike control, and I'm happy with that.

    So anyway, I couldn't resist taking Suzie out when I got home, despite still officially only being on my learners, (until I can get to the RTA in the next day or so) and yep, she goes OFF in the sack. So beautiful, and sounds so sweet. She's really looking after me and is quite happy just putting around at 60k's, which is all this little black duck will be doing, at least for the next week or five. But even after being out all day on the CB250, then coming home and out again on the 650 for 30mins, I was already feeling heaps more confident than I had all day. Pics coming soon, i promise.

    Thanks in advance for all your well-wishes guys, it's been a top day. Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow, so we can spend a bit more time really getting to know each other. (me and Suzie, that is ;) )

  2. Good stuff XTCY :cool: :grin:
  3. congrats mate. the SV650s looks like a real nice bike. and sorry mate but your missus is just going to get more pissed the longer you have it. trust me i know :wink: :grin:

  4. congrats on the bike and the p's.

    where abouts did you do your test at. i went to annangrove, i agree with your point about needing a new testing method. but i cant think of one either.

    welcome to the site
  5. Suzie's gorgeous :grin:
    Congrats and welcome!
  6. Nice bike there but I'm more impressed with the pics.
    Nice work there too