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[PASSED!!!!!] Passing P's test.. with 1,500km or less riding

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kyro_02, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hey... well I'll try keep it short. I have had my Bike L's in Victoria for just over 3 months.. I am now eligible to attend my P's test... I realize you shouldn't rush it because you still have a year left ! well, i'm not in any rush... yet.

    I have about 1thousand km under my belt (I haven't ridden a bike in about 2 months) as my bike died, got rid of it.. can't get finance etc etc. and I will be devestated if my L's do expire because hadn't the help of the instructor on the written test, I wouldn't have been riding at all.

    What are the chances of me taking x amount of pre-Probationary courses in a short time.. before going for my test.. has anyone done it and actually passed ?

    My ol' man has now got offered a credit card, he accepted it.. now if he says no to financing me an al-cheapo bike(I can pay repayments no probs, I just don't have a job on the books) .. all else fails i'm stuffed?

    In short:
    Anyone passed P's test with MINIMAL(absolute) experience
    old man finance
  2. Kyro,

    People pass the P's test without even getting on a bike since doing their L's.

    If you can pass the L's test Prac then you should be able to pass the P's test. It isnt that difficult, however I would recommend some amount of bike time. If it is the day course, then you will get the day on the bike.
  3. In NSW you have minimum 3 months on your L's max 6 months...so passing with less than 1500 km is normal.

    If the test down there is anything like NSW you spend 7 and a half hours practicing the test under instruction then do the test at the end of the day.

    I went as soon as i could and i was concerned i would fail...and for the first half of the day i was still convinced i would fail....but by the end of the day i passed with a 100% score.

    Give it a go
  4. The P's test in Vic consists of a left curve, right curve, left emergency swerve, right emergency werve and 2 emergency stops.

    Too easy.
  5. cheers guys, well i think I will end up doing the 8 hour(i probably need more lol) course then license test, I had a look at the demonstrations on ridetek site.. looks pretty easy .. and hopefully it is! lol

    do I need to do another knowledge test? (like Learner permit written test)?

    from ridetek site:
    from vicroads(Motorcycle Provisional License)
    I'm hoping its' the first one.. no theory.. that is my weakest link :p
  6. as far as i know, the knowledge test (hazard perceptions?) and eyesight test are for your Ls, assuming you dont have any form of Car licence.

    Ps should just be the skills test.

    then again, im yet to go for my Ps. wait till the morn when someone else can answer it.

    then again, why do you think you'll fail a written test?

    i can understand if youlanguage skills arent that good, thats fine, but if you dont know basic logic and sense and road rules part of things, maybe you shouldnt have your Ps? not having a go at you, just wondering mate.. :)

    good luck either way!
  7. The P's test is all Prac. No theory or written test to be done.
  8. I have my car P's (reading the post above its' a relief.. don't need to do another theory :grin::grin:)

    yeah i just find most questions (like on the learners, only reason I passed cause I had an awesome instructor in the room) most questions I find pretty confusing and hadn't been in a situation like in the questions.. I wouldn't really know the answer. Well, that's just me.. even after reading the book...

    put it this way.. I didn't read the book for my boat license, I passed 97% in the theory test, I read the book for bike learners and failed theory first time.. got it second time with help from instructor.

    I probably should have asked instructors for help at first.. but i'm not one to tell anyone my personal problems, dyslexic & short term memory loss(not as bad as it sounds!).. non would know it unless i told 'em

    cheers.. thats a relief :)
  9. Having just returned from my P's test (I passed!!! YAY!!!), i'd say not a lot of experience is necassary.

    I've been back on a bike for a little while, but havne't clocked up much in the way of km's and passed the test without any dramas. only thing i scored points for was hitting the brakes in the emergency swerve..... but that's just habit....

    I didn't do the full day course either - just straight into the test after warming up the bike. All up took about 35 minutes....

    You'll be fine :)
  10. how do you do less than 1500 in 6 months..

    at my 6 month mark i'd done 6-7000Km. and a certainintrepid L plater around here did about 22,000Km

    for 1500 in six moths you'd have to be trying NOT to ride :LOL:

    personally i'd rather lapse than pass the test on no or minimal experience.
    I'd be to scared of coming to grief in a big way.
  11. Gave Stay Up Right a call (who I also did my L's on)

    for future reference:
    $220 6 hour course / License test [weekdays]
    $260 6 hour course / License test [weekends]

    I thought it was 8 hours, but I don't think I should complain.. I am 5 mins up the road. :)

    I just had a bit of a chat with a lady there, and I asked what she thought about the test.. and she basically said.. if you are confident you won't have a problem.

    But I will definitely do the pre ride course to get my bearings. :)
    So i'll probably drop past sometime next week hopefully.

    thanks all!
  12. Hi kyro. Not sure what you meant by the above but if they are just up the road why dont you sneak up one day and have a look at what goes on for the P's test (maybe thats what you meant!)
    I'm told P's are easier than L's in VIC.

    Good luck mate.
  13. i mean to drop past for a booking.. well you just gave me an idea.. i should have a look at the test to get some idea :)
  14. Heard of a guy who came and did the P test without any other experience other than the pre-learner course.

    But he nearly crashed on the road part of the P test, so he failed.
  15. ok well thats' in nsw :p

    hopefully get the chance to book my bike P's in this week :)
  16. I've only done my L's but my instructor ran me through each test for P's.... It was way to easy, about as easy as the actual L's test but a step or 2 more. This is for victoria

    So basically I passed both L's and P's (unofficialy) after having 2-3 hours total riding experience teaching myself to ride around my suburb (those first few times were scary). Back then I really didn't have to much control being a newb but still managed to pass easily.
  17. Dude its a piece of piss to do - The P's are easier than the L's
    As Cambo said left and right curve, two emergency stops and a left and right swerve
    Easy as - Ridetek were great when i did mine, except you have to watch that stupid vic road video!
    you will be fine with 1500kms experience man

    I did mine in may - hanging to ride a bigger bike
  18. Nick,

    I did my licese at Ridetek in April (Easter Saturday actually) and as there were only 4 of us, we got to skip the video. :LOL:

    So we got to finish our day early and go riding with out the big L on the back.
  19. Yeah we skipped the video too after 5 minutes but i didnt want to say anything!
  20. great to hear its' really easy :D there any videos of the actual course of people doing it.. i looked on youtube but couldn't find any :(

    edit: just wondering if you allowed to stall the bike on quick stop (they put any points on you or you just fail.. or doesn't matter?)