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Passed on the right in the emergency lane...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. By a complete KNOB that drives a blue commodore rego UKK 277

    What a complete and utter ****chop. On the Western Ring Road 15 minutes ago, sitting on the greed limit with a car in front of me (2 second gap) and a car to my left.

    Next minute out of nowhere comes mr ****chop and punches his shit box between me and the emergency lane, dives across teh front of me and exits at Ballarat Rd.

    Do I give chance and "clear up" matters??? nah, whats the point.

    All that dangerous driving only to exit at Ballarat Rd and be caught by the traffic lights.

    Australian ****wit of the week award, goes to.............

    Then.............merging onto the Deer Park Bypass as I came off the Western Ring Road, mr 4X4 decides that the bollards that remove one lane and feeds 2 lanes beside the merging lane, was special enough that he did not need to slow to 60km/h at all.
    I glanced at the freeway using my mirrors, great, 4X4 is miles away, about to merge so glance over my shoulder and "whooshka" mr 4X4 passes me within a foot at 100km/h.

    Now I'm pissed!!!!!

    SO bash it down a couple of gears and take off after him. Flip him the bird, yell out at him and he shrugs his shoulders as if to say "oh well, bad luck"

    Now I'm steaming from the ears. Not wanting to take on a 4X4 towing a trailer, I motion as if I'm about to kick him drivers door and he panics, swerves out of the way slightly, thankfully he went to the left and I nail it and get out of there.

    I think I need to take up meditation, the ****ers are out there getting worse and worse and all Pallas and his little collection of ants can do is employ more "safety cameras"

    ****en idiots!!!!!!!
  2. its because you ride a beemer. the rest of us never have any troubles.
  3. It's because he's vic... :) Most Beemer riders don't seem to have the same effect on people.
  4. That's funny, I never have any trouble while riding. Perhaps you should look at how you could have approached the situation differently?

  5. Yes Vic, bikes should come with grenade launchers as standard.
  6. somehow... as with all these type of posts... it was your fault or something, you should have anticipated the situation

    after all: theres no red line on the tacho... you have to shift by feel
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  8. Is it my imagination, but it's a commodore thing so often these days?
  9. Car in front of me, car beside me, 2 lanes and a wire rope barrier to my right.
    I'm generally aware of what/who is around me but this ****er was flying and caught me off guard.

    YOU tell me how I could have anticipated the situation.

    Rob, stolen plates perhaps? he was driving it like he stole it.
  10. I find that a small clear water pistol filled with brake fluid works good Vic
  11. I hear ya. I copped a massive dose of UV rays yesterday and i'm so burnt that I'm blistering everywhere. Spent all the time in the world yesterday making sure the kids were covered in sun screen I forgot about myself :(
    Otherwise I would have been in a not so passive mood today.
  12. If theres road works and you give me a rego i know that driver won't be driving for a while.. I have powers to :angel:
  13. Next time for sure. I was still fuming over the last idiot to record this clown's rego.
  14. I doubt I would have handled it any differently, I was just giving what seems to be the usual answer around here when someone has an altercation on the road! :wink:
  15. Riding home on the Eastern freeway about 6 months after getting my licence, at speed limit just after peak hour with a reasonable gap in front a drop top mercedes with some old ass driver comes up from behind and casually as you please pulls into the emergency lane to pass me... slowly. When I give the WTF? signal he points down at his car and then gives me a dismissive wave!

    One (failed) kick at his left wing mirror made him back off right quick - but seriously, what the f*** is wrong with people?
  16. Happened to me too on the Eastern just after I got my licence.

    I was stuck in the right lane on my CBR250RR when Sir Tossalot shoves his car in the emergency lane to pass me. I let him go then gave him a free Size 10 Alpinestars Logo imprint in his passenger side door when he was banked up ready to turn into Springvale Rd.

    Not sure if he would have repeated that manoeuvre after the attitude adjustment.
  17. Vic, do you only kick stationary vehicles or moving ones too?

    And can you please describe more specifically how you fake a kick to scare a driver? Is it something like, put your foot up and swerve towards their vehicle, at speed? I don't quite understand.
  18. Try it tonight on the way home from work it's easy. You'll feel like a man with super human strength, been able to kick 1500kg cars into the next lane!!
  19. My reason for asking -> I'd love to do it when riding next to a friend thats driving their car, just for shits and giggles. I don't think i'd try it up against someone i don't know.. There isn't much stopping them from trying to kill me.
  20. alertness maneuverability acceleration and lane splitting