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Passed my test, yay!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Turnip, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. I got out of bed at 5am yesterday morning, which was a pretty big achievement for me, and rode up to Joondalup (about as far away from my house as you can go without leaving Perth) to do my riding test at 7:55am.
    I pulled off the turning and braking perfectly, but on two occasions the examiner told me to find somewhere safe to stop when I arrived at a certain street, and I stopped suddenly without giving him enough warning. The second time I stopped quickly as I was approaching a bus bay and didn't want to stop near it, and there was nowhere to stop after it for quite a while, but I should have kept going.
    After that he directed me back to the office, and I figured I'd failed, as we'd only been out there for a few minutes, but as I was reversing in he said "If you hit my bike you fail" (which of course, I didn't do).
    So now I've got my license... just need a bike.

  2. congrats and enjoy what kinda bike u wanting 2 get?
  3. Thanks

    My plan is to get something small and light like a Suzuki Trojan, which I could stick on a carrier on the back of my 4wd. I'd buy it brand new as there aren't many road/trail bikes on the s/h market in WA. When I'm off my restrictions, I like the look of the BMW F650 Dakar, although the price tag might require me to put that off for a while. I'd still keep the Trojan as a second bike too.

    I also wouldn't mind getting a road bike too. Initially it'd just be whatever I can afford and be comfortable riding (I learnt on a CB250, which I like). I'm only 160cm, so I'm pretty limited in what I can ride. I can't reach the handlebars comfortably on a Spada.

    My boss is going to buy me a 125cc TGB delivery scooter to use for work, so I can still ride until I get myself a bike, as long as no-one sees me ;)
  4. the cbr have a nice low seat height, u cant be 2 worried about height though if ur going for a trail bike...

    could be worse things 2 be seen on lol try a today pissy little thing couldnt use for deliveries if u put wait on it i'd imagnice u would have 2 push it around oh n it had a top speed of 60 going down hill with a tail wind lol
  5. One of my friends offered to let me take his KLX650 for a ride - I saw one at the shops and figured I'd need stilts to ride one of them - the seat was inline with my shoulders. I reckon the BMW would be alright though - I pulled up along side one on my hired 50cc scooter and noticed the rider was sitting lower than I was. If the Dakar's too tall, there's always the GS, which is a bit lower. The suspension would compress more than a road bike too (although maybe not quite so much for me, as I'm only 58kg)

    I've been riding a Vmoto Monza (still am, as I haven't had a chance to get anything better yet). Does alright up to 65 or so, but takes forever to get there. Also depends a lot on how it's maintained - I've ridden three, and this is the only one that went over 60. I'm surprised you can get a Today 50 up to 60 though - same sized engine but it's a 4 stroke.

    I'm not going to carry too many heavy things - I'll get a courier to take the big stuff, but I need to carry tools, paperwork and some basic spare computer parts etc.
  6. well just give it abit once u get ur confidence up on the bike u maybe be able 2 work the 650 my old man used 2 tell me one of his mate used 2 partically dismount at lights coz he was on 5' and riding a katana which was a big bike back then when the lights went green he just eased the clutch off n jumped back up
  7. ah yeah i said down hill with a tail wind didnt i???
  8. Congrats, Turnup - you're one of us! Hmm... that might not be such a good thing... :shock:
  9. Congrates Turnip welcome to the obsession.

    Now take it easy and find your feet first...

    learn to ride smooth and get to know the bike when you get her.

    We would love to see more WA NR's at the coffee nights.

    Cmon Perth . :grin:
  10. Congrats Turnip, hope you enjoy the lifestyle.