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Passed my test on Friday

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by helent, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. :grin:

    So now I can go out on my own!!!!! And no more L plates! My assessor was very nice and very understanding and despite doing at least a couple of really stupid things :oops: , he still passed me (I think he could tell I was nervous).

    The 45 min ride back to the instructor's place was very enjoyable indeed.
  2. Congrats - now your not a target any more and the learning really starts
  3. Woo hoo! Congrats helent :)
  4. :dance:

    Well done! Enjoy it!
  5. congrats!!
    Time to really enjoy riding!
  6. Way to go Helent :woot:

    Stay safe and enjoy :grin:
  7. Well done Helen :cool:

    Now spend as much time as possible out there honeing them skills and getting them sharper.

    Enjoy and be as one with your machine. :grin:
  8. Good on ya! And I repeat the above comments, with the following addition: extra caution till everything becomes second nature, and you'll find that caution becomes itself second nature.
  9. Good for you Helen. I got mine on Friday also. Must have been a lucky day. Such a nice feeling to rip of that Nanna plate. Have you noticed less people trying to get past you now?

  10. Congrats on passing the test.

    You must be feeling the best.

  11. i only have my learners permit at the moment but not long until i can go for my P's.

    Even though there are many things that are personal and unique about bike's, everyone (hopefully) can share this feeling of passing your test and getting your licence and being that excited!

    Nice1 helent... can't wait to get my P's too:)
  12. [IMG:80:28:b70aba1a81]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/sgcooke/Smiles/woot.gif[/img:b70aba1a81] Well done
  13. Congrats and well done, the more you ride in all different types of weather the better off you will be. ride safe and enjoy..... :dance:
  14. Cheers everybody.

    I did my first ride into work yesterday (won't do it normally as I have a company car, and my hubbie won't let me take my son on the back of the bike yet....) and despite all the traffic, it was great to be able to do it.

    But......I am not game enough to do any lane splitting at lights or anything yet, so I sat in the queues of traffic with all the cars. I feel like a bit of a dope, but no way am I game enough to do that yet. Especially as the road I need to use has extremely narrow lanes with loads of trucks. I see other bikes do it, but I don't know how! There doesn't look enough room to get a pushbike through, never mind a motorbike!

    Ah well, maybe in about 10 years or so......
  15. Well done helent
    I felt the same way about lane splitting, was sitting at lights and 3 bike lane splitted and I felt like such a goose lol. But I'm getting the hang of it now and it was not 10 years so you'll get there.
    Congrats Lou
  16. Do what you feel is comfortable and it will all come with time.

    I still dont lane split very often and I am very cautious atm with a new bigger bike.

    You will know when its time.