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Passed my P's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by firstBike, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    Just wanted to send out a big thanks to all the helpful hints that were given to me from users on this site.

    Also all those good questions and answers that have been asked/responded to on the site. It sure helped this n00b heaps.

    Just a quick note to people that are doing the MOST at Clyde. They made us do figures 8's and other riding moves. Apparently you had to demonstrate you could do this as it tests all 3 fundamentals: observation, speed and buffering. A guy got sent home because he didnt understand this during the excercise.

    There wasnt much practise of the actual test itself. Also the practise was a different set up (but still the same skills) as the MOST. E.g. the distance to get up to speed in the braking section was longer in the test than practise. U turn practise wasnt done in the actual U-Turn test box etc.

    The instructor also made me do the swerve and brake in 2nd gear. I always did my practise in 1st.

    He was really mad during the day so i was thinking he was going to be really picky and fail me on minor details. Turns out he was really nice during the test. He even remined me before i moved away in an "under his breathe" kind of way "Head Check". But still someone from my grouped failed for no head checks. So 4/6 passed today.

    I gained 1 point for a foot down on the U-Turn. Silly mistake as i wanted to do the turn really tight instead of easily in the box. :(

    For anyone else that is about to do their MOST and doesnt mind trecking out to homebush Olympic park (ive sprayed the MOST course out there). I would gladly repay the effort others on this site have done for me and go through the test with you. I will even take you on the road ride route they took me on at Clyde if you want.

    Sorry for the long message, justed wanted other n00bs to know what the test was like for me.

  2. Nice work

    The test sounds quite hard now lol

    I should make it out to the Homebush practice site one day.
  3. Congrats !!!!!!!!
  4. hey i've got my test in 2 weeks it would be awesome if you could show me where you sprayed the MOST test

    i'm taking mine at loftus though, but i assume most of it is the same - i more or less just wanna see if i can do it on my bike or if i need to borrow my friend's 125r

    can i get in contact with you mate?
  5. Well done :wink:
  6. Congratulations!!!

    I had a nazi of an instructor at Clyde when I went for my Ls a few weeks ago. Just wondering if it was the same person? :grin:
    Are we allowed to name instructors here?
  7. Does the name Les rign a bell?

    he is the head instructor and comes across as a real hard arse but is the nicest bloke if you make an effort to improve.
  8. Yes. :)

    I guess he just did not get my jokes then.
  9. i've got a slip on exhaust on my bike and its actually quite loud.... will they not let me take the test?
  10. went down to the homebush place where they've sprayed the MOST test on the ground... tried about 30 times to do the u turn with my cbr250rr and i managed it only twice... i can't seem to do it without putting my foot down.

    i managed it on my friend's 125r very easily though